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    How far we should listen to advices offered by others regarding treatment of medical conditions?

    In any social interactive session, avery good trigger to prolong discussions for killing time is to mention about one's medical condition like diabetes, knee pain, high blood pressure, cold and cough or such other common or age related ailments. The people in group will almost jump for offering unsolicited advices for doing this or that in a very dramatic manner vouchsafing for its efficacy.

    I have noticed that more advices are offered in case of incurable diseases like diabetes. Almost every person knows about something which certainly cures incurable diabetes.

    Have you also encountered similar situations? Up to what extent we should listen to advices offered by others for treating medical conditions?
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    The same thread is posted probably by mistake. The same content and same heading. So I thought this a duplicate post and posted by mistake. The editors may do the needful.
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