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    From bell to the dumbell

    Ten year old Raju and his father pack Raju's grandfather's stuff after his death.
    "Daddy. What is this?", Raju asked showing a bell that didn't ring anymore.
    "It's been in our family for five generations now. It is made of five copper alloys and is very strong and heavy. Unfortunately, the pendulum fell somewhere say a ten years ago. Since then this historic bell just sat inside Grandpa's chest. Grandpa, as you know, was a very popular priest. And so were his ancestors. This bell was passed on to head priests for generations. But sadly, no one knows the combination of the alloys anymore, so I can't repair this bell. This bell will never ring. I'm thinking of donating this relic to the temple."

    "Hold on Papa", Raju said excitedly. "If you want to give it away, give it away to me".
    "Ok...I guess," said his father sceptically knowing about mischievous Raju.

    Days have passed since then and Raju's father is now curious about the bell's destiny.
    He went to Raju's bedroom and saw that he's using the bell as a dumbell.
    Raju's dad smiled at Raju. Raju said," I weighed it dad. It weighs 6 kgs. It's ideal for a dumbell. I found good use for this mute bell right?"

    Raju and his dad since then started using the "dumb-bell" and a dumbell.
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    Good to know that the dumb bell has become dumbell. It is good to keep the elder's articles as their memory and use it for some useful activity will definitely give us a very good satisfaction. My appreciations to the author.
    always confident

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    Regarding combination of metals used in the alloy for making bells, it is about 78% copper and 22% tin. Increase in the percentage of tin results in increase of resonance of sound produced by the bell. Bell metal is known as bronze also. Sometimes small percentage of other metals like zinc and lead are also added. In India there used to be artisans who used to produce bells sounding 'Om'.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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