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    Where to find 'My Points' feature of ISC while working from a smartphone?

    I may not be able to describe my problem in correct technical term, but the issue is that while working on ISC from a smartphone, I am not able to view the information displayed on right pan of this page i.e. 'Top Contributors > Today > Last 7 Days > My Points' etc.

    Where to find that? I work on an iPhone 6.
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    Actually the Top contributors details available on the first page of the forum is the extension of that page and hence not visible to the smart phone owners. One has to log in desk top have that feature.
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    To see our points on a smartphone you have to type the URL on the smartphone. Please type this URL ( in the browser and you would be able to see your points.
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    On smartphones and iPods, the screen is not the same as that of on the computer. We can't see the right side information on these devices. It is true. Maybe the design itself is like that I think. But as explained in # 631175, you follow the URL and get the information.
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    It is not practical to follow a separate URL for seeing the points scored. Also, even if screen is narrow, then the information can be displayed on a separate screen.
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