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    What are your experiences with the Goods and Services Tax?

    The Goods and Services Tax was introduced with effect from 01-07-2017. Since then we might have experienced certain changes in the prices of the goods and services. Some might have come down and some might have gone up. I went to the railway station a few days back and parked my car in the stand. Before the implementation of GST, the parking fees was Rs15/. Now the parking fees are hiked to Rs20/ which has nothing to do with the GST. Apart from the parking fees an additional amount of Rs 3.60 was added. This is 18% GST on the service. It came to Rs 23.60. We do not have half a rupee and ten paise coins now. I paid Rs 25/ and asked for the one rupee due to me. He said he was not having change and took Rs25/. Did you face any enhancements of rates due to GST on services like this? How are we expected to pay in paise when there are no such coins? How much money will people be making or losing due to this? Share your experiences.
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    Well when my one of the relative not having the pan card and his account in the bank was to be authenticated and certified by the bankers. Normally they should not charge the account holder who is maintaining the account since inception of the bank. But to our surprise , the bank has charged 197 rupees including GST which was the shocker for us. Actually two sentence are written in the letter on their letter head certifying that the account holder is maintaining account in the branch and with signature and stamp of the manager and for that 197 rupees was charged which includes GST that is too much for ordinary citizens.
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