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    Why did Congress party deleted it's App From Play Store?

    The war of words between Congress and BJP has been going on the stealing of data of the followers in both the parties and fearing further back lash the Congress party has deleted its app from the play store. Is that mean that the party was collecting unauthorised data? Was it because only 1386 People Used it? Why was it removed in haste? Was there some foul play in it? Was it a worthless App? Nation Wants To Know. If the party decides suddenly the party workers and followers are left in lurch ?
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    Congress today deleted its WithINC Android application from the Google Play Store after the app landed in the centre of a data mismanagement controversy. The party said that it decided to remove the application from the Play Store since "people were being misled" by a French hacker alleging that the app insecurely transmitted user data.

    The allegations made by a hacker named Elliot Alderson were strongly denied by the Congress. Mr. Alderson claimed that the Congress app insecurely transmitted user information to a website with the URL ''.

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    As the election is getting nearer the Congress is getting more confused. We already aware of the maturity of its President which is always unpredictable personality with more overconfidence in its pocket.

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    The Congress INC app is not available on the play store, the reason given by the party was the presence of a wrong URL and people were being misled.

    In a related interesting observation, the French twitter under the name of Elliot Alderson (real name Baptiste Robert), a French security research had a tweet about the IP address being located in Singapore. This point has been raised by BJP. So, now the app debate Congress vs BJP, INC app vs Na Mo app is going on.

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    If there is nothing wrong with the app, why should it be removed? It will give an upper hand to BJP. They say we are confident that nothing is wrong with our app and we continued, but the Congress is having a foul play with the app and with a fear getting it known to all they have removed.
    This type of activities will increase now as the elections are coming and each party wants to make the best out of it.So the voter should not get confused and focus on electing the best available person so that our country will have a better future.

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    Congress party has deleted its app from the play store. Is that mean that the party was collecting unauthorized data? Yes Congress was stealing the data for malafide intention. So she deleted the app to avoid the inquiry and its consequences.
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    Social media is a potential tool in the hands of politicians to use and misuse for their personal gain or party to get elected. Like how the election commission lays down guidelines regarding canvassing, poll expenditure, it should also lay down stringent guidelines regarding bulk SMS, email, what'app and other downloadable apps that can induce a bias in the choice of the voter.

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    Similar to Congress the Private NaMo App used by BJP has collected 50lakhs citizens data and in which 22 personal details are included. This party by sending this details to third party foreign company is facing the breach of privacy promise to its registered citizens. Once privacy issue surfaced in media it was learnt it has changed its policy of using this App that it may use the data with third party and promised it don't misuse it. But the Congress from the beginning it is saying it may use the data with third party companies for analysis. So those who are interested for this rule only can registered in using Congress App.

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    Here the author of this thread has specifically asked about the Congress party's app and why this app has been withdrawn. We must try to answer this question. Then why do some Members bring NaMo app? Why bring NaMo everwhere? Are they worshipping NaMo by pronouncing his name repeatedly (naam-jap)?
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