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    The ' School Bell ' evokes so many memories of the Classroom

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    The competition topic Bell made me think about 'The School Bell '.It was an Electronic Bell which rang for about 1- 2 minutes .
    It was the first bell so familiar to my ears from my childhood .It used to ring after end of every period or session of class.
    It also alarmed about the start of new period or another subject session .Hence it was heard many times till the time school hours came to an end .
    I was delighted to hear the bell when it alarmed about start of my favourite class or favourite teacher .Also it alarmed about the end of a not so much liked session.
    Everyone in the classroom from teacher to students waited for the bell to end or start a new class .To remove new textbooks or to place the books on desk back in School bags .
    Students used to get delighted to hear the bell which reminded of start of their favourite subjects like Drawing ,Physical Training etc and there used to be chaos of happiness in the class .
    Hence thou we have wrist watches on our hands we still eagerly wait for that bell to ring and hear that familiar sound .
    In some way the School Bell reminds us that there are two phases of life good and bad depending how we take it .And that is the way of life .

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    Yes, the school bell always reminds us of our own sweet, carefree childhood. But I have noticed that nowadays the school bells in Delhi ( in so-called public schools) sound different. Instead of earlier 'gong' sound which we used to hear in our schooldays, presently school bells sound ''.

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    Your school bell reminds me a past event. When I was a young boy, I went to my maternal uncle's home. My uncle's daughter took me to her school. The school had a bell made from a piece of rail track and a hammer. It attracted me. I just took out the hammer and hit the iron piece several times. All students from the class rooms came out with a surprise that the school time was over. I and my uncle's daughter were scolded by the bell keeper. Being a child, I cried and came home.
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    Nicely said by the author. When we pass through a school and when a long bell rings , it reminds us about our school days, our school mates, our teachers, our ground, our punishments and good moments of that ever green school life. I still remember when at the stroke of 3 pm when the long bell is sounded , we hoot, we whistle, and we jump with joy and ecstasy, as we would be going for the homes. There were no tuition, lesser home work, lots of play, many good friends and thus the life was easy and wanting to live more. Now a days, the children are deprived of playing during evenings as they are forced with extra classes. Their faces look dull after coming out of the extra classes. They are no more energetic even to exchange pleasantries with fellow students and thus today's students life has become worthless for them.
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    Gone are the days. Good old memories. in our school, we used to have a manual bell. The school attender has to watch the time and give the bell according to the timing. For school starting and school ending it was a long bell and for period end indication it is a small bell. When the class was not interesting our ears will be very keen to hear the bell than the words of the teacher. Thanks for the author to remind us of our school days and those sweet memories.
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