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    Are men really afraid of their wives or it comes out of respect ?

    Most of the males have a very good sense of humor. They want life to be like happy go lucky types. This does not mean that women are not humorous, they too are and much more than many men.

    I have been noticing one thing i.e after marriage, most of the men describe their life as either boring or not so happening, or most of the men would describe themselves as the quietest. What I want to ask, are women so irritating? Men actually seem afraid to say anything about their wives and as if they are bound.
    Some men out of respect do not utter anything about their personal life or about their wife. A woman in his life changes his life so much that all the fun and excitement comes to an end. Is it really the case, or they just pretend to be like it? Or it just comes out of humor?

    Both males and females carry different behavior, and so their feelings. Then how does this fear factor arises, or it comes out of love and respect?

    Can you all help me explain?
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    It is not the question of afraid but is phase of adjustment and give and take. A wife comes from other house and she has lots of expectations from husband and in laws. Even if the in laws are indifferent for some reason or the other and if the husband cooperates with her, she can still manage to live happily , may be for this reason many husbands wants to shows soft corner to their better half. And that does not mean afraid or whatsoever attitude. And if both husband and wife have the policy of give and take in their entire life, I bet no one can influence to separate them on any issue. For the wife , the husband is the life partner and for the husband his wife is better half. So they are bound to live in harmony and a natural bonding arise out of love and affection. Even they scold, chide, have face off on small matter, even that moments were enjoyable as both have the hide and seek as to who shall initiate to talk first.
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    It is not possible for a man to respect every character trait of his woman (wife/girlfriend). Same is applicable for a woman. It is not humanly possible that a person has all the good traits and no negative attitude. We love and respect our partners because of their incompleteness, not because they are ideal. And husband-wife jokes are purely for entertainment, nothing very serious about these.
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    The title reflects a misguided perception of Indian marriages. Spouses are generally not afraid of each other after marriage. It happens in some patriarchal and matriarchal families where children tend to follow their dominant parent. In a few cases wherein the obsession to be dominant borderlines pathological behavior, men or women feign respect out of fear of reprisal.

    What commonly happens with marriage is coming together of two people who are used to their own ideas of independence, social and financial freedom.Each is used to 'having their way' and being pampered with love to a variable extent in their families.

    These dynamics change after marriage, leading to a sense of restrictions or a feeling of their freedom for many things being curtailed. This makes the man or woman feel the difference before and after marriage. Such comparisons are very common and such views are aired out in family/social gatherings. After sometime once the husband and wife know about each other's role in the marriage and the families they come from, things settle down.

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    I think they are neither afraid nor doing it out of respect.

    The fact is that generally men go out of the house and women manage the household. When men come back women ask them questions about how was their day out and sometimes when they can not answer satisfactorily, suspicion and doubts arise and that is the source of all jokes about this relationship.

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    Husbands are neither afraid nor doing it out of respect. These all jokes are for entertainment.
    People love their wives no body is afraid.

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    The relationship of a husband and a wife is unique in more than one ways. Nowadays, they come in contact after 25 to 30 years of age, generally don't know each other before marriage, belong to different families but at the time of or near death, they remain the closest companion, even closer than our own children.

    The above example amply demonstrates the degree of love and affection they share. I think just to safeguard such a deep love between spouses from the evil eyes, jokes etc. about married couples are floated.

    A man cannot live normal life without a woman and vice verse. They are incomplete without each other. They have to love each other emotionally as well as physically to procreate.

    They are neither afraid of each other nor there is any dearth of mutual respect for each other. They share the most intimate moments that is possible between two human beings and at the same time being inseparable, sometimes they quibble or even fight also, but more like siblings than like enemies.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I have also observed this thing in life that most of the man afraid of their wives. I cannot say they actually afraid or show like this. I do not afraid of my wife. Even I talk everything with my wife and she also talks everything with me. Even if the small thing she wants to purchase, always she purchases after getting permission me. Though knows I never told her no for anything but she gives me respect and asks me. Likewise, I always try to ask her and decide after discussion with her. Ther is no need of afraid of the wife. I want to add one thing. If we need a good and happy life, we have to be perfect in adjustment.
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    In the life, a pair should understand each other and give value each other. No one should expect the other partner to get afraid. They should discuss and share their views and accept the best one. Then only the life will go smooth. For a bullock cart, both the bullocks are important. If they are not matched together the cart will meet with an accident. Same is the case in our lives also.
    These days many jokes in social media are coming but none of them reflects the actual life. They are only for time pass. Actually, many of us love our partner and we will be good friends. As far as I am concerned I depend more on my wife on many issues and take her advice on many issues. The same way she will also behave. All financial matters and domestic affairs will be discussed between both of us and a collective decision will be taken.

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    Marriage is a relation between two adults for sailing in the same ship in the journey of life. They come close to each other and it so happens that they start expecting honesty and transparency between them.

    This expectation and faith in each other is the force which sometimes creates fear in the mind of erring partner. So it is not the question of men fearing women, in fact anyone who is at fault will be afraid of other and try to play tricks out of his sleeves to hide those shortcomings or absurdities.

    The relation between the couple should be like an open book otherwise it will become a source of suspicion, doubt and deceit.

    The jokes on the man-woman relationships are just the offshoots of these situations.

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