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    Which way you like to progress?

    There are different ways to progress in life. It can be through your hard work or can be through manipulations. Which way would you prefer? Progressing because of your worth or by demeaning others? Let us discuss this subject seriously.

    Some people work hard and compete with others to progress in life. These people are having focused, persistent and sustained approach and generally get success in life.

    On the other hand, there are some clever and timid people who feel envy of others success and by backbiting and other negative ways try to harm their reputation. These people do not work hard but by sheer manipulations, downsize others and take advantage out of the situation.

    These people have selfish motives and are very dangerous for their colleagues and friends and many times take credit for others work.

    What is the opinion of the members? Which way do you prefer to get success? By hard work or by downsizing others?
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    If you down size others or talk evil about others and their way of work to success, tomorrow some one would ridicule you for no reason. So to avoid such situation, nothing fits better than self hard work and achievements through it. One thing sure, your hard work is your investment which cannot be copied nor over taken by others provided your are consistent, making necessary changes when demanded and having the broad sense of adjusting with others. And those who are habituated performers, for them maintaining the tempo is important because for the creators of record, even one miss would down size them in front of others eyes. And for those who have the habit of poking nose and giving free advise to others or criticising on the progress, they are digging their own grave as some one would make same kind of remarks against them.
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    Attitude toward work matters. Work is said to be worship. Here, work means 'hardwork' only.

    Workplace is not life. In addition to life at workplace, people have their personal life which is spent at home. Also, the period before starting working life and period after retirement from working period also counts. In case we have right attitude toward life i.e. belief in hard work, sincerity, devotion, determination etc., then we can succeed in life as a whole.

    Being manipulative may not work with children, spouse or other family members. With them only the policy of honesty and hard work is likely to succeed.

    I believe that more than our own personal success at the workplace, the success of our children back home matters. They have to work hard for cracking competitive examinations for getting admissions in premier institution and jobs in reputed organisations.

    You have to work hard because only then your children will learn to work hard. Otherwise, they will fail in life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Success and progress should come from hard work and sincere efforts. In today's world when there are a couple of hands to lift you up, there will be plenty of hands to pull you down.

    So, we need to be dedicated but smart to ensure that the credit for our hard work is not 'borrowed' by others. Success achieved by unfair means will not last long. Moreover, when we are acknowledged for our true efforts and work, the satisfaction and the sense of achievement is totally different from claiming false credit.

    We should not portray others in a bad light for our own gain. Downsizing or back-stabbing our own colleagues for a job or a promotion may not be questioned but it would torment our inner self when going to bed or whenever we reflect on our own past mistakes.

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    I always want to get success by hard-working, not by clever means like downsizing the other by any means. I try to learn from the other's success and follow their teaching in my life. To become a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, C.A. is very easy but it is very difficult to be a human. There is nothing any shortcut to the success. Only hard work is the key to success. If become the success by any other means it will be temporary, not permanent.
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    There is no substitute for hard work. Hard work and sincerity at work will always pay dividends to the individual. A person who is having the attitude of working hard can adjust anywhere and shine anywhere. For him, work is worship. So he will always concentrate on his work only. People who want to develop by other means may not flourish always and everywhere, Today he is able to downsize a person but tomorrow another person can come and he may downsize him. So it is always better to learn how to work hard and how to improve our skills for our development. Our beloved Ex-President of India, Mr Kalam, advised all to love the work but don't love the company. A hard worker can sincerely do this. If somebody is downsizing him, he can just go to another place for working but a downsizer can't do it.
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    There are some crooked people who take advantage of others and reap the benefits of others good deeds.

    We should be careful from such people and avoid their company or closeness as their only aim is to exploit friends and acquaintances.

    We should try to progress in life by hard work and own efforts rather than exploiting others.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It would be better to remain engaged with your tasks sincerely and by doing so at least you keep the negative emotions away from you. This is the single most benifit accrued from engaging in a job. May be people are there engaged in back - biting, tarnishing the image of others but the fact is there is some turbulence within their mind - frame. They remain in grip of some complex, which could cause adverse conditions of their healths. Hence we must adopt the the long term vision.

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