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    Summer holidays or Summer camps?

    As children, we looked forward to our summer holidays, wherein life was carefree, no worries, no homework, no studies. Just visit grandparents or relatives, travel to a tourist place or gang up with others in the locality and play games most of the days.

    Now, the concept has changed, there are summer camps for everything. Many sports, hobbies, creative work or extra classes for subjects and language. At our place, three such camps have already started this week (2 hours, half day and full day), Would you want children to be left alone and enjoy the freedom that we all had or would you prefer cramming their days with many summer camps activities?
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    Most of the working parents find the summer holidays very taxing on them as they have to spend time with the children and that is not possible for both the parents. If Mother is available, father has to go for work and if father is available, mother cannot skip the work. But the child feels to have both the presence which is not at all possible unless and until they apply for long leave as sick. Due to avoid this, the summer camps have come as the blessings for those parents who want to engage the child to the field he wants to enjoy than the studies and thus they can get rid of their presence with him or her. One more thing, these summer camps are offering routine affairs to which the children are already familiar and for that reason many children wont like to go. In some cases children are willing to travel to their relatives house far off without the guidance and requirement of the parents. That is the situation now.
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    It is the modern age and time has changed. At our time we were fond of going out of the home full day and enjoy the life. We were nature-friendly but present generation is not nature-friendly. They want to be at home and want to play video games on mobile on the computer. They do not want to go out of the home and they do not have fond to play in the ground. So it is necessary for the present generation to help summer camp and they can enjoy the life. Different games, creative contest, etc are organized in summer camp.
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    With the disintegration of joint family system and emergence of nuclear family system, many things got naturally redefined. In nuclear families in which both husband and wife are working, it is not possible to hold children at home. Either of the parents will have to take leave from workplace to attend to their children and face challenges of their demands. Under such circumstances, summer camps come handy. They work as 'day care' facilities for children.

    Rearing children is not a joke. For the parents, particularly those who have very active (or naughty in other words) children, each passing day without any upsetting experience looks like a boon of God. Almost all parents remain under stressful conditions throughout the day when children go outdoors for playing on roads or even in parks.

    Thus nowadays the system of summer camps is flourishing in cities and even in smaller towns. Since the education has almost totally been commercialised, the concept of summer camps, totally fits in as an additional avenue to milk the parents aspiring their children to directly pluck the stars.

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    With the introduction of summer schools where the kids are getting extra inputs in the various activities such as hockey, foot- balls, extra exercises in Mathematics, the kids hardly find time for the recreation. This hampers the normal - growth of the kids despite paying a huge - fee by the parents. Even the parents remain busy for making their kids ready for the summer - schools.
    While in the yester years, there was no fashion of sending the children to any summer - camps or school during the summer - vacation of their own - school. Summer - vacation was the time for them for the actual enjoyment and during the entire - periods of vacation they spent the time as they wished to enjoy. The vacation was meant for full recreation and this in turn gave them immense satisfaction especially when they got a better company with their old friends. Such companionship was helpful for the mental growth of the kids.
    However, the time has changed and so is the habit of kids, they find pleasure in lap- tops, smart mobile - phones and with the activities of modern - schools. However, one thing is absent friends from their lives - the liesure, an essential tonic for the real growth.

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    These days for corporate schools actually there are no summer holidays.They are summer coaching classes times. My brother's son is completed his 1st-year Intermediate. The holidays given to him are just 5 days and they started classes for 2nd year intermediate. So young boys are forgetting these holidays.
    If there are real holidays to the children, the parents are trying them to put them in separate coaching classes for extra circular activities like Swimming, cricket, singing, dancing and other areas. So they have no time to go anywhere in the summer vacations. So we can say these are summer camp days only but not summer holidays.
    In my childhood days, I used to visit my grandfather's house during summer and used to enjoy with our cousins who used to come here during their vacations.

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    If there is a demand then for sure that there would be the supply too.

    In order to meet the expenses & to make the future safe both guardians need to do a job & therefore Summer camps are required. Now the parents don't want their children to waste the time & so to send them to Summer camps & increase competitiveness.

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