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    Do not ignore alarming bells of your body

    Do not ignore alarming bells of your body
    Every person knows his body very well. We often observe sudden problem like heart fail, heart attack, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, etc in the people. It is generally not sudden changes. Our body gives indications of these diseases sometimes ago but we generally ignore these indications. For example, before the heart attack, some troubles persist in chest and abdomen but people think it like acidity or improper digestion. They do not want to go to the physician. Ignoring these indications, they invite big problems in the body. Similarly, the symptoms of blood pressure like a headache, fatigue, etc, are common and people ignore these symptoms which result in failure of kidney, retina damages, etc. So, know your body well and if you feel anything uncommon, do not hesitate to contact your physician. These indications are alarming bells of your body and do not ignore them.
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    The human body produces some weird sounds as an attempt to tell us something but people often ignore them. Though most of such sounds are normal but in some cases they may be ringing an alarm bell. Some of such sounds are sneezing, coughing, belching, hiccups, rumbling in guts and snorting etc. Not only that people ignore even symptoms like lightheadedness, giddiness, general weakness or fainting etc.

    This it is true that our body issues alerts prior to switching over to troubled mode but people tend to ignore the same and face serious consequences subsequently.

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    The author made a very good advice for all the members regarding the signals we get from our body before something serious happens. It is like near misses before a major accident. The indications we get from the body should be taken seriously and try to contact the physician for a necessary suggestion.
    These days many people are going of health checkup at regular intervals so that they know that they are maintaining good health. The people who crossed 45 years should start making these check-ups as it will protect them from serious problems.
    It is a good suggestion

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    Good advice from the author. The body gives signal before a pertinent health problems and if we ignore to take precautions then we have to face the bigger challenge.
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    Thanks for responding to this thread. I agree that we should go for the routine checkup every year after the age of 45 years. we should check the blood pressure and diabetes every week for the precautions.
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    A healthy body rings a synchronized smooth melody indicating that all is well. But at times, warning bells ring before an actual major disaster(disease) strikes us.

    It is important to pay due attention to such alarm bells in due time before it comes too late. For instance, blood in the stools, a painless lump in the breast, loss of weight all are alarm bells that need to be heeded early before it turns out the be advanced cancer just because of a silly mistake of ignoring the alarm.

    #631333@Hakimuddin: I don't think it would be feasible for all to check for diabetes and BP every week. If one is actually suffering from both, then once in 1-3 months would be good for most people.

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