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    What Is Generation Gap & How This Got An Impact In Our Lives ?

    In the most common of the definitions of "Generation Gap", which could be defined as a differences or the variations of opinions or views between one generation and another in context to the acceptance of the life styles which is a physical entity & the beliefs which is a non-physical entity. Putting this in even simpler way then this is a perceived gap between current generation & the previous generation.

    The human behaviour is a very complex phenomenon in this whole universe which is always unpredictable. Even for any Mangement studies this is an integral part of the courses. To continue with, that we are not easily adjustable to the changing scenerios. In another words, either we take a little while, till we got ourselves adjusted to a different environment or not ready at all as we understood that we are happeir in the present scenerio already.

    The "Generation Gap" is just the discussion on various fronts in context to the above. Take an instance here that the time we were still small & learning & our parents had a greater knowledge base but at the same time world was changing at the faster pace that our parents were not aware of for whatever reasons. Now as we a bit grown-up we learned new things & got some experience & understanding, our knowledge base extended. This add to the differences in terms of lifestyle as well as the acceptance of the latest of the commodities available to us.

    As we, the human beings are not easily adoptable to the changing scenarios, these differences grows to the extent that we don't intend to have anyone's interference. This lack of communication leads to the change in the behavior resulting in the lack of good relationship.

    I am not giving any real life scenario as this would get more disgusting. But to say a bit that we don't have time for our elders who made them suffer a lot in order to make us comfortable.
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    Though there been the phenomenon of generation gap since ages but the present generation is facing a wider generation gap due to technological advancements, particularly due to introduction of internet coupled with ICT in our day to day life.

    A normal person has become sort of illerate in absence of knowledge of computers and latest Apps available for smartphone. The people who have learnt to live with Facebook and WhatsApp are perhaps happier compared to their counterparts who could not learn due to some reason.

    One has to essentially know as to how to communicate using email, do online shopping and perform net banking.

    Other things which people are observing these days but were not so visible in the past are 'live-in' relationships and fashionable apparels like ripped jeans.

    Apart from such conservative notions, the present day generation is facing certain other kinds of challenges also e.g. cracking a competitive examination for getting admissions or a job due to ever increasing population.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A person who will have the ability of reading and writing and speaking was used to be called as literate. But these days to be called as literate these are not sufficient. In addition to the above computer, literacy is also required. This is because of the generation gaps.
    The experiences and understanding of the issues will vary a lot between the people who born in different decades than the people born in the same decade. What I feel is good, may not be enough to be called as good for my father and it can feel as better by my sons. This is because of the generation gap.
    The ethics, the methodologies and the attitudes of elders may look outdated to the younger generations as they born in a different atmosphere and what they are seeing today is different from the elders seen in their ages.

    always confident

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    As we grow up, our position in the family also grows. From childhood, to youth, then family way age and then the old age, All this comes with lots of experience and challenges. Those who attained the age of seniors would like to help the juniors in many ways. A grand father would like to help and play with the grand children, and vice versa. So the age gap between the grand father and the grand child would be more than 50 years and thus that period is called the generation gap. That means what is missing all these 50 years has got now and the expectations from elders would be more for the young ones.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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