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    "Slip of tongue in public becomes embarrassing."

    The celebrities, actors and political leaders talk in public many times. They should be very careful as the slip of tongue causes embarrassment just as happened in the case of Mr. Amit Shah, the President of the BJP. Mr.Shah is in Karnataka as the elections are due in the month of April, this year. While speaking in Karnataka's Davanagere today, Mr. Shah said that "if there was ever a competition of the most corrupt government then the Yeddyurappa government is number one." It may be a slip of tongue but there is truth in what he said. How embarrassing it is as Mr. Yeddyurappa is also present in the meeting. One should be very careful in public speaking otherwise it may turn out be very embarrassing. Now the Congress is having a field day of this slip of the tongue.
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    The people who are addressing the meetings should always be careful and should not use wrong words. Otherwise, it becomes a controversy and creates problems for the party. Pavan Kalyan says something in the meeting and says he doesn't know the reality but somebody told me and the same I have repeated. This shows the immaturity and ignorance of the leader. Afterwards, they may be proved very costly. Now as mentioned by the author the opposition party will make the best use of this and say his party president himself accepted his candidate as corrupt.
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    Confused between 'Bhrashtachar' and 'Balatkaar', by Rahul Gandhi while addressing a women's rally in Madhya Pradesh as he tried to refer to the increasing number of violence against women in the BJP-ruled Indian state.

    Ha ha ha..

    For him the list is long but he never repented for any of those but instead he continues with his uncontrolled tongue. In the latest he went to NCC program but couldn't manage to answer related to NCC. To be more accurate that he doesn't know about what is NCC.

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    Yes blooper from the politicians are expected in wholesome during election time and that should not be taken that seriously. But being a party President of BJP which is not aiming to grab power from Congress in Karnataka must trend in such a way that people must turn as voters for BJP. The way Amit Shah is taking the elections so lightly then the opposition shall retain the power. One thing is sure the voters are watching the performance of politicians in the run up to elections and they are weighing whom to elect and whom to kick. So Karnataka polls would decide the future of the country.
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    Mr.Ved Prakash Anand: Refer to the URL Your response there is reproduced here.

    "This happens when a person is not able to justify himself & this is a strategy wherein he continues to speak in order to divert from the original subject & move to something else."

    I am discussing about the slip of tongue of Mr. Amit Shah. Why don't you stick to the subject of the thread?

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    Mr. Anand: The Prince can't make any mistake. All the mistakes are committed by 'chai-walla' and his colleagues.
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    Mr.Partha: Who is "chai-walla" and who are his colleagues? These were not used in my thread and content. I will be happy if you elaborate the "Prince" also.
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    Yes, politicians as they speak so many non-realistic, unbelievable and gullible things about their own party and opposition parties in public gatherings. Slip of tongue is so common in the case of such politicians and in such case some funny situations arise. But today because of large social media such incidents become so much highlighted and catch the attention of large number of public. Sometimes people may discuss within themselves, it is the real thing only what he don't want to put out came out his mind involuntarily.

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    If we watch the videos, it looks like Mr.Amit Shah is reading for what's given to him. Once he utters this line, quickly the person sitting next to him corrects his mistake. But by then the damage is done.

    Such slips of the tongue are frequent in public meetings and speeches. At times, people try to speak impromptu and such basic errors creep up. These mistakes in public or slip of tongue becomes fodder for the opposition parties who will comment on these errors.

    In this case, they would start thanking Mr. Amit Shah and indirectly hinting that his statement about the BJP CM candidate is true. True to this situation, we have a current thread in ISC that asks a very relevant question. Do you prefer success by hard work or by downsizing others? Which way you like to progress?. The moral is, we should not try and downsize others to achieve our own success.

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    To err is human. Nobody is perfect. Slip of tongue occurs with all of us but it is not noticed and talked about in our case as we are insignificant and nobodies. However, in case it occurs with a celebrity or a high profile political leader like Amit Shah, it makes news and matters also.

    We cannot imagine as to under how much stressful conditions these political dignitaries work. They have to attend a number of rallies and deliver speeches at a number of places throughout the day. I think despite taking all possible precautions, rarely such pressures overtake and cause slip of tongues like the what we are discussing about.

    No big issue at all.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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