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    How you react on receiving a promotional telecall?

    I could never succeed in barring all promotional calls despite having heard about call barring facility from so many mouths. Thus, I still receive promotional telecalls. I have also failed so far in acquiring a habit of rejecting all calls coming from unknown numbers.

    Generally, even after suspecting a promotional telecall, I pick the call, hear at least the first sentence to confirm that the call is actually a promotional call, and then either reject the call abruptly or tell the caller that I am not interested in the product or the offer being made.

    How you react on receiving a promotional telecall?
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    It is true such calls disturb you .After telling the caller repeatedly not to call back ,they call you back at intervals of some days .That is the reason you feel irritated and may tend to react abruptly .Hence the next time they call and I happen to recognize them I just disconnect after receiving the call.
    As I have worked before for similar job profile I know certain guidelines they follow ,the kind of ideas they use to target the people and their thoughts and concern towards the attitude of people they are calling .These callers have to achieve certain target for which hey also get incentives .They have a database in the excel format which they distribute among callers or agents .If you tell them don't call back again ,they will mention the feedback there but you are not sure about the feedback getting updated in the main data .It may also happen they may enter incorrect feedback .Hence you get a call again from another agent .Or may be if you tell them delete the number they might mention in their excel file but your number will reflect in the main file .Hence it also depends upon the management how they react to the feedback of customers .Since I know among these people not all are really concerned about our moods or these people don't have main data if it useless even shouting at them .Initially I used to have understanding for them and tell them politely not to call back but when I started getting irritated by repeated calls I thought it is better to disconnect the call or block such calls with the help of truecaller .And if you have mentioned your number too many times in the internet better change the number and use new number appropriately .

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    I will post my response frankly. I have never purchased any item or service on the basis of telecallers' calls. I even don't listen to them properly. But I do know that this is part of their job requirements. So, I never talk to them harshly. Sometime, I am very polite with them and tell them why I don't need their product/service. When I am really busy I finish the conversation very quickly. But I can't be rude to the telecallers.
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    I am totally against any promotional call. What wonders me that the promotional calls does not verify the reality and still keeps on calling us which is a waste exercise. For example my daughter has done BiPC and wrote NEET and even got admission into MBBS last year. But I do not know how the Institutes and promotional organisation got my cell phone number as they keep on calling and give messages on long term NEET coaching for assured success for MBBS seat. I feel pity at the home work done my those Institutes and tuition centres which even call at odd hours to disturb me. Naturally I get irritated. Now I have decided not to lift unknown numbers. If at all a person really want to call me, he shall respond with second call from same number or if he is known to our family he or she would call to my wife number.
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    Promotional calls are very irritating and many times disturbing also.

    Though we try to block them with the available apps but still it is difficult to block them all.

    Even if you don't attend them, they are a source of continuous embarassment to the receiver.

    The mobile numbers of consumers are easily available in the market and these Agencies are using them for their advertisements or special offers.

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    These days the promotional calls are increased. Daily we receive many calls. But once we have a true caller app on our smartphone, it will display these calls as Spam. The colour of the information will also be in red. Such calls I reject and I will not even respond.But sometimes some numbers will not come as spam such calls I will respond but I tell them I am not interested. Of course, they can't be blamed. That is their job and they have to make the minimum number of calls every day. What is the use of shouting at them?
    There are some ways to stop these calls but it is also a tedious job as we have to send the service provider the details of numbers which we don't want to entertain the calls. How many numbers we can send and how many times we can send. So it is better to have true caller app and reject the promotional calls if you are not interested. If you have time and want some time pass you can respond to those calls and extend the calls with your doubts and questions.

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    I pick the call, hear to confirm that the call is actually a promotional call, and then either reject the call abruptly or tell the caller that I am not interested or i have the same already.
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    Whenever I receive a promotional call I attend and listen for a minute whether it is of my interest or not. If it is of my interest I enquire about it and if it is not in my interest I simply tell the caller that I am not interested. Sometimes I receive a call from the insurance company and within a second I reply them that I am not interested in any type of insurance. So, in my opinion whenever you receive a promotional call first listen and then decide whether we have to continue or not.
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    #631269 (Kavita) - Are such telecallers trained to face rejections and don't get perturbed by such rejections and lewd or lascivious remarks offered by certain unscrupulous individuals? What are the safeguards against possible abuse by unknown persons to whom they call?
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    These calls are no the rise and it's a shame that they target unsuspecting people. The true caller or reject list does not ensure that everything is filtered out. In my profession, people now known to me would contact me to consult on few issues. I cannot ignore if the number is unfamiliar.
    It's a sad truth that however annoying, the person on the other end is doing it to earn his or her living. I tell that I'm not interested, then be firm, if they keep on going, I just cut the call. What makes me angry is some of them lack basic courtesy that they are violating another person's privacy and talk as if they are doing us a favor.
    Some of my family members find it difficult to get past these calls and agree to accept a callback and then it becomes a nuisance as someone higher up makes an authoritative call saying that, we are calling on your request.

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    Mostly I avoid diplomatically saying that I am in a meeting or among a crowd, or travelling etc.

    Sometimes the number displayed gives some idea.So I do not answer that.

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    I don't make them demotivated but instead I simply respond as I don't need one adding that I even don't have any other references either who need this.

    Although these are irritating as these are not for business purposes but still & whatever way, just make them comfortable as someway or the other we also becomes the means of irritation to someone else.

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