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    The “Bells” which ring before and after marriage

    [First prize joint winner for Topic of the Month TOW contest]

    The word "wedding Bells", isn't a soft sweet music into our ear! Of course yes, ask anyone whose wedding bells have just rang! Or who are just ready to get married. The Bells rings with so many sweet dreams, and the feelings of having own world get ready to set.

    Time comes and the couple becomes one soul. The Bells again rings and they start creating their own world. Under these Bells, everything looks so smooth with lots of positive thoughts. Soon they both enter in the practical world. Where they not only need the love but dedication towards their duties, the trust for each other and the tolerance to bear each other in tough situations and time.

    The "Bells" rings again when they face the real world. The only difference is the tune of the Bells, it doesn't sound so sweet neither it creates any music in ears, yet the life of the couple goes on. This is here when some get misunderstanding and quarrel. This is here when the tolerance to bear each other sets a level; this is the time when TWO need maturity to be ONE! And, this is when the real meaning of the Bells comes out in open.

    The "Bells" keep ringing in our life before and after marriage. Some couple which make it ringing positively even if it looks old and some take a short cut to run away when the Bells needed some different sense to understand the real tune. So, take good care of your life's Bells, when it become out of tune, tune it with your own understanding. Life is not less than a Bell which needs to get tuned time to time and if it not taken proper care, it may bring unbearable noise to unsettled our life.

    (The TOW Entry)
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    An excellent thread on the married life. It brings out various aspects of duties and responsibilities of both the partners entering into married life.
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    The tow topic on bells has been well connected to wedding bells by the author and thus brought in various aspects of after wedding happiness in nice way. Sure to win the contest.
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    A nice presentation on wedding bells. The bell sound will be sweet sometimes and bitter the other times. It is the couple who have to take care of life in such a way that there is no difference between before and after the marriage bells. Adjust and accommodate should be our principle in our life and see that we will have a peace of mind and lead a good life.
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    A nice narration starting with the real ringing of the wedding bells to the symbolic tunes of the bells in life which needs the harmony and understanding between the husband and wife to produce a soothing tone. Like how we love the keeping hearing the melody we should also have the patience and maturity to handle some temporary harsh noises. Some marriages wherein the couple is at each other's throat obviously rings an odd bell and sings an odd tune.

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