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    The bell rings and sounds differently throughout my life.

    [First prize joint winner for Topic of the Month TOW contest]

    The word 'bell' has such a vast and varied connotation in my (or many of our) life. The first memory I have now is about the small bell tied to the small bull calf of our cow. It was so nice to play with the calf jumping across the place after it finished drinking its mother's milk which my grandmother affectionately allowed it after drawing the milk needed by us. AT its every jump the bell rang and we could trace the calf wherever it was.

    The next was the large Bell in our temple. There was a thick and long rope tied to it. As a child I never could pull the rope, and though I wanted to pull it, the resonating and echoing sound it produced during the Aarati time (pulled by elders)forced me to close my ears. I still remember the joy I had when one day sitting on shoulders of my uncle I was successful to ring the bell by pulling the rope. As I could pull it softly only, the bell sound was not harsh.

    Then came the school bell. It was actually not a bell, but a thick metal plate like the one we made Dosas on. The school peon has the duty to ring it , but actually he was hitting it with hammer. During recess we tried to throw small stones on the 'bell' as the clever peon used to take the hammer with him.

    But the best bell I liked was the bell kept with the 'pooja materials' at our home. It was taken out during auspicious occasions when the priest performed the pujas. We had to wait for some lucky moment when the priest wil allow us to ringthe bell. But at othertimes we were not allowed to do so.
    On growing up, 'ringing the bell' meant flattering or psycophancy to someone. Showing the hand in a gesture likening to ringing a bell was to denote that someone is whiling away time without doing anything.( It was also said as doing Bhajan).

    Then came the proverb 'Who will bell the cat".In primary lasses it was 'Ding dong bell,pussy's inthe well'. Lateron, I learned the name 'Bell pepper'.
    So it is all the way bells ringing different sounds and meaning.

    (TOW entry)
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    The author of the thread has rightly pointed out that the word 'bell' rings varied types of sounds in our life. Let me add few more types of bells which play memorable roles in our life.

    We know doorbells and must have waited for ringing the same on many occasions when someone very near and dear to us was expected. In offices also we used to ring call bells both spring loaded type mechanical bells and electrical bells.

    Who can forget the ringing of telephone bells of classical models though its design was different than that of a conventional bell.

    Perhaps the wind chimes are also a kind of bell only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    We know doorbells and must have waited for ringing the same on many occasions when someone very near and dear to us was expected - of @Kailash reminds me of this Tamil film (actually I wanted to write my response) Poove Poochadava where a mother waited for her daughter to come back and ring her calling bell, instead, her granddaughter came to see her after a gap of very many years as her daughter went away due to her love marriage. After her granddaughter arrived, she even removed the calling bell from the house, due to the purpose of calling bell is served. This film is one of early 80's popular film casting famous Padmini as grandmother and Nadhiya as a granddaughter.

    Of late, I used to quote this film sequence to my kith and kins, as I am also eagerly waiting to ring cellular phone instead of calling bell, though we have so many social media to get in touch, the ringing of phone will give more satisfaction than anything else.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The various bells we will come across in our lives during different phases of our were presented by the author very well. Somehow our life is always connected to some or other bell. While studying school bell and while working office bell, so on so forth.
    When we were in our primary school, we used to feel very proud and happy if we got a chance to give the bell sound. We used to go and request the peon to allow us to ring the bell. Sometimes he used to give chance for 5th class and we were feeling excited in utilising that chance.
    My wife recorded the crying sound of my granddaughter when she first cried and she kept that as her ringtone. Sometimes when we hear that ringtone we get confused whether it is phone ringing or my granddaughter is crying.

    always confident

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    A nostalgic thread about the bell in various stages of our lives as we grow-up. Bells and bell sound right from the little rattle we have as babies continue to be part of life until the last minute. In some customs, the departed soul gets to hear the bell sounds while the family performs the annual ceremonies at home. So, I think bells are in many ways part of our lives, tradition, and culture.

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    The journey of the author with different bells being experienced at the every walk of life has been well narrated and explained to the understanding level of all. My appreciation for that.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good depiction of different scenarios associated with the bell during our journey of life.

    It is really interesting to see the role the different bells are playing in different environments and all are are embedded in our memory bringing nostalgia today.

    The author has nicely woven the different bells in his narration.

    Knowledge is power.

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