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    I m new in forum....i want to learn how to operate and manage my account..

    I am unable to understand how can i earn money through this forum....
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    Warm welcome to this Educational portal through which you can earn through writing articles on any subject in detail and that must be from your own thought and should not be copied from other sources. That means those who have niche for writing anything on any matter, they have good future to earn some decent money from this site. The topic can be anything but must have good heading, summary, body content and above a detailed article would be preferred. On approval there are every chance of awarding good cash credits to your articles and thus your earning spree starts. Likewise you can be mentor to give experts advise in ask experts section to which each and every response the cash credits are given. Even in this forum, you can make money by raising useful posts. Please read the posting guidelines and help topics available from the bottom of the page. If you still have any doubts, open up and we shall guide you.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Welcome to ISC. On this education site, we share our knowledge, learn and then earn. Although the earnings are not phenomenal like a commercial site, it can be a supplement to your regular income based on the time and quality you give to ISC.

    You can start off in the forum, wherein you can contribute your views about discussions on current affairs, politics and life in general.

    You can browse through the articles, write a brief comment (adding more facts rather than repeating what's already in it) and also contribute based on your core knowledge and interests.

    You can participate in the contests, group discussions and photo contest wherein you can win prizes. For example March 2018 Topic of the Month for TOW: Bell. The last date of this is 31st March 2018.

    You can answer questions in Ask the expert section which is focussed and very specific to the point and strictly monitored. Posting jobs and educational information also gets you money. Please go to the help section and familiarise about the rules regarding each section in ISC and start interacting.

    Ongoing Awards & Rewards in

    Post content and make money from ISC.

    Once you become a regular contributor and meet the criteria, then you can apply for Adsense account
    What is Google AdSense revenue sharing program?.

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    My recommendation to the author is go through the following link -

    How to work effectively and conveniently on IndiaStudyChannel

    Also, ISC should not be treated as a regular source of income from day one. It is not like a part time employment, though there are avenues to earn cash credits but the same are more like a token of appreciation.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A warm welcome to you. Before starting your journey on this forum please go through all the help topics given in the site.You will see a blue bar on the top of this page and there are some words on the blue bar. The last word is More. You just click on that and a list will drop down. From the list, you will see help topics and click on that. It will take you to the help pages and read that. Then you go to articles section and on the top of the list, you will find some articles which will give full knowledge about this ISC. Once you read these articles you will become familiar with the site. Then you can start going through the posts and you can place your responses. That is how you can start working on that. Your main focus should be on learning or teaching only. Based on your contribution you may get some CCs. But it should not be the main aim and one should not expect very high amounts through this channel. But you will get a lot of information any many subjects and you will become a good writer in English.
    Wish you best of luck here.

    always confident

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    A warm welcome to the best educational site of the world. As the log ogo says earn to learn, learn to earn. You are new to this site. I will suggest you read Post Content before starting your journey here. If you need any help you can refer this page . If you have any query you can submit here in forum section and our senior members and editors will help you.
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