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    Are you a detailed talker on cell phone or prefers short talk and end the conversation ?

    I have seen many times that some people have the bad habit of talking on their cell phones for hours together detailing what ever has happened since the last conversation with minute to minute detail. Such long is the conversation, either the talk time would be over, or the cell phone battery would get discharged or even the phone gets heated up. But there are people who cut short their talking with crisp reply and close the conversation. What is your habit on this. Would you prefer to talk in detail or respond with limited talking ?
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    As an old-fashioned man, I don't feel comfortable while talking on the telephone or on a mobile phone. Most of the time, I quickly finish my conversation. But when I talk to my parents or younger brother in Kolkata or to my sister, daughter and/or wife, I talk longer.
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    This is really a very interesting thread that author has put up for discussion.

    Today most of the people are having cell phones and mobile connectivity wherever they go and are connected to their friends and relatives all the time. This is really a very big facility for communicating with each other.

    Unfortunately, there are many people who are misusing this facility left and right by talking unnecessary and irrelevant things on the phone lines.

    The interesting thing is that when they meet with each other they will not be talking so much as they are talking on phone. They do not understand that if everyone is talking for such a long time the available bandwidth will be choked and there will be some genuine people suffering in want of connectivity.

    Phone is not for gossiping or chit- chatting it is basically a gadget for getting your work done on phone. People must understand this fact that using the phones unnecessarily for long intervals will deprive someone to get the connectivity for some important work.

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    It depends on the situation and to whom one is talking. Generally, people talk longer with family members and friends compared to other persons. Similarly, while attending a business call or call from an unknown person, there is not much scope of lengthening the talk. The time of call also matters. On working days, people cannot enjoy the luxury of talking longer though in the weekends, more time can be devoted in talking.

    Housewives and retired people generally prefer to spend more time in talking on phone compared to others. Many students discuss academic issues on phone and thus take more time though at the same time many more students talk more just for killing time or talking sweet nothingness.

    I have noticed that the housewives prolong the discussion till they find something negative in the other person as a consolation for their own troublesome situations.

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    The point what we have to see is not the duration but the relevance. One I was in my previous Organisation I used to spend at least 3 to 4 hours daily on my official phone calls that too out of office hours. These were all important calls but never time passing calls. The discussion on phone sometimes was going beyond 45 minutes also. But if you record and hear the conversation, you will never find a waste word. So talking a long time is not a bad habit. But talking unnecessary matters and passing time on the phone is a bad habit.
    The phones should be used for conveying the messages and get the required information. They can also be used to call our friends and relatives once a while to say hallow. But talking hours together on a single call in these issues may be not worthwhile. We should be crisp and pointwise.
    I will be very short on my personal calls and only required information as briefly as possible will be passed on.

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