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    How people used to spend time before arrival of social media?

    I am sixty plus in age and know very well that even prior to the arrival of social media, people used to have spells of boredom and therefore had to adopt certain means to kill time. Now it appears that the society existed for ages and there is no substitute for these social websites.

    What did we use to do earlier in our spare time? Was reading books and periodicals our preferred pastime activity or just strolling in neighbourhood park was a favourite activity? Many used to visit relatives or friends on social visits for maintaining relationships. Gossiping with friends and with neighbours, particularly in the case of housewives was an effective method of utilizing free time.

    How did people use to spend time before the arrival of social media?
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    Very nice. Actually, people were spending quality time with their family members before the arrival of social media. When in the office if there was any spare time they were using it for reading or writing which was enhancing their knowledge and talent.In my early 30s and 40s, I used to go for a walk everyday evening with my wife and children for at least an hour in the market and used to purchase the items required. Then we used to sit together and watch some programmes on TV. By 9 PM my children used to sleep. Now we stopped going out together. Once in a week my sons will go and get the vegetables. Then once in a month we will go and purchase all required items. We are not switching on our TV. We will be on our own with mobile or laptop. Only while taking our dinner we will spend discussing for 30 to 45 minutes.
    Even in offices also the productivity has come down and some organisations are not allowing phones with the employess for the job. No one is reading w newspaper these days. I used to spend at leat an hour on this. But these days I am just seeing the headlines only.

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    Social media has changed the scenario completely. before the arrival of the social media, we used to talk with our family members but now we do not have time to talk to family members. Even every family members are busy to chat with the friends on social media. Children do not have time to go out and play outdoor games they are engaged in the mobile games or games on the computer. before the arrival of social media, we gathered in the hall and talked with everyone. People in villages gathered on the chauraha and enjoy the life. Reading books, play games like sanp siri, chess, daw, were our most famous pastime. I remember those golden days.

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    A very interesting thread from the author. Today everyone is busy with his smartphone and does not get time for anything else on the pretext or excuse of working in the net. All the family members sitting in the same place are busy with their gadgets and only talking to each other when they want to share some hilarious video or amazing picture or things like that.

    This does not look like a healthy situation as most of the productive time is going waste in surfing or viewing activity which is in no way helping us to increase our imaginative or creative faculties.

    Earlier we were reading books, walking leisurely long walks, going to meet friends and relatives more often, going to the library, enjoying time with a gang of friends and things like that and with the advent of smartphones all those nostalgic activities have gone to the background.

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    I remember that people used to spend much time on paper reading at the home and also visiting the public library where papers from many languages would be available for reading. Old and senior citizens would read the gist of the paper in the morning and then they read all the pages in detail. For that they prefer the Hindu paper which had many pages. Likewise for the youngsters, road side sit ups. gossiping and going to movies with friends were the time pass activities before the internet and social media arrived. For me visiting friends, relatives and passing more time at the office were the options.
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    Indeed this question is worth answering. The question is raised by a person who is sixty plus. This writer is 73 plus. I sincerely believe that these new time spending means are creating a sort of inertia among the people, especially among the youth and children.
    Being a senior citizen if I look back I spent evenings the evenings playing certain games or reading books and magazines. At home we used to chat about several common subjects. But when I got employed and started to develop social relations the evenings were spent, in the beginning, by chatting with friends. But slowly this gave way to serious discussions and joining in cultural and social activities. I became member of different cultural and social organizations. One was working with a growing library working in the neighbourhood. I became an office bearer of the same. At that time library had less than ten thousand books. The same has crossed twenty thousand. Also the library was not having enough space to display the books. The library committee took up this issue as a challenge and started saving as much money as possible. We got support from Rajaram MohanRoy Library foundation, Kolkotta also. We completely changed the library setup giving a new face. State library Council officials appreciated the new set up and gave additional benefits like e- reading facility. Now we are organizing different extra curricular activities togettogether with library activities. Music, both vocal and different instrumental, dance, drawing and painting, cartoon drawing, Karate, film shows, and such other items. I work at present as the Library Secretary. Earlier I was Vice president, President and other official. This Library was started in the year 1950 as a memorial to the great Malayalam poet Changampuzha Krishna Pillai.

    In addition to this I became an activist of a unique organization working for popularization of Science. I worked for it from 1970 till date and held different positions including the post of Director of its research organization. At present I am in the editorial committee of Its monthly magazine (Sastrgathy).
    Additionally I am working as the President of the local Service Cooperative Bank since the last five years.
    Again I am joining with the two schools in this locality ( Govt. UP and Govt. L.P. schools) assisting them in different ways.
    In addition I take up question paper setting and answer papers valuation of post graduate students of different Universities.
    Of course I am the seniormost member of my family consisting of wife and two sons and their families.
    So you can see how I spend my time daily.


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    This thread brings back memories of groups of people walking around with small transistors or sitting in the parks or temple steps listen to music or news. Instead of interacting and spending time with a soulless/lifeless glowing screen, they would spend more time with fellow humans, be it, friends or families.

    In the neighborhood, there would be groups of men out at the corner shop or public reading rooms discussing general things and of course politics. Children used to play a lot in the streets, at times having some snacks at the neighbors home. The doors would be open for neighbors to drop in and learn knitting, shopping basket making, and rangoli learning. Men would sit outside after food and chat for an hour or so before retiring to bed.

    In the villages, the village square would be full of people doing similar work and the tea shop would be the hub of activity, meeting, and greeting, hearing the latest gossip and local panchayat politics.

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    I think change in the scenario began after arrival of television sets in the households even before entry of social media. But there was a limitation with the television set in the sense that all the family members used to have different likings and priorities for viewing different shows though the television set used to be only one. Thus there used to be a kind of war for the remote control of the set between the family members.
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    We live in a span of time then having we got shifted to another span of time. This is happening consistently. Although, this is not evident at once but we observe or come to know when certain changes takes place being different from the earlier existing scenario.

    If we take an instance then earlier we used to have only one TV channel which is "Doordarshan". During this we often have seen adjusting the TV Antenna. Then came the time when we had multiple channels through Disk Cables. This kept on till we have the Internet. These all have taken place in different phases & not at once. Likewise the means of entertainment also differs as earlier we used to go to the nearby park but now I see that in the metropolitan cities like the Delhi, that & although carrying a big house & don't have enough space for play. So if I compare with my childhood days then we had a lot of options then what we used to have in the mean time.

    Means of communications is another thing that we used to be in line or a queue in order to make a call but now a day each of us is carrying a electronic set called Mobile. It's a different thing that earlier we used to have much to talk about then in today's world.

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