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    Will it help if more IITs and IIMs are opened to accommodate all students aspiring admission?

    A few years back many new IITs were opened by the government thereby increasing the total number of IITs to 23 and seats available for admission to 10,962 in 2017. Similarly, the total number of IIMs is increased to 20 as of now. However, still, there are many students who criticize the government that due to reservation policy etc., they are not able to get admissions in such premier institutes.

    In the said backdrop, the question arises, if the admission in a premier institute is a panacea for solving unemployment problem etc.? What about the intellectual capability and personality attributes of the aspiring students? Will an average student after getting admitted in an IIT or IIM, get transformed into a hardworking and sincere individual?

    Will it help if more IITs and IIMs are opened to accommodate all students aspiring admission?
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    I think it is not advisable to increase the IITs and IIMs and see that an average student also will get admitted into an IIT or IIM. Then they will also become like any other normal university and they will lose their charm and speciality.
    In India today there is only one IISc and that is the top educational Institutes which is getting ranked very high in world ist. If we increase the number of IISc also it will lose its speciality.At least the people who are coming out of IITs and IIMs are having some reputation these days. My suggestion at this point is there should not be any reservation on caste basis or religion basis in these premier institutions. But if any financially backward people are getting selected irrespective of their caste or religion they can be provided finance on loan basis and can be repaid without interest once they get a job and start earning.
    In such case, all merit students only will get admitted and they can maintain their quality. Otherwise, these reservations and increasing the number will downgrade the institutes only.

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    It is also not possible to increase the number of IITs and IIMs. It is not possible to provide adequate infrastructure and proper faculty if the Government mindlessly increases the number of such institutes. Even the new IITs and IIMs are facing problem due to lack of adequate number of teachers. Further increase in numbers would witness a definite downfall in quality.
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    Will it help if more IITs and IIMs are opened to accommodate all students aspiring admission?
    Ans: No, Opening more IITs and IIMs will be a burdan on the govt. We should produce only required engineers and managers. They are enjoying govt.subsidy and going foreign to serve. It is a brain drain.

    Will an average student after getting admitted in an IIT or IIM, get transformed into a hardworking and sincere individual?
    Ans : NO. an average studentwill not be transformed after getting admitted in an IIT or IIM, nto a hardworking and sincere individual.

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    One explanation for increasing the number of seats in IITs and IIMs was given that almost doubling the seats will quell the long standing grievance of the general category students that almost 50% seats are reserved in such premier institutions for reserved category students.

    I don't think , it is a plausible reason.

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    What is the use of increasing the seats in IIT's and IIM's when there is no scope and guarantee for a definite job inside the country. I bet those who have got admission and gone through the courses and finished their studies at IIT and IIM might opt for foreign jobs and not the state owned job. By the way the craze for professionals has been decreasing and self help business promotion is increasing. Some creative thoughts of IIT and IIM students mingle together and start a Industry or company on their own and thus prove that they can give employment rather than depending on employment.
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    We will have to open more because there is a great mismatch between the seats available, the candidate and the other restrictions. How long can we ignore the mismatch, until we reach breaking point? Kneejerk reactions and policies is the last we need for IITs/IIMs. India has to find funds and gradually plan new IITs and IIMs because we never have a proper vision of the future. Our policies and politicians are short-sighted. The infrastructure and teachers will not spring overnight but can be done with proper planning with a time horizon. If we start now, maybe in 3-5 years we can see the birth of few of the prestigious institutions. With regards to the average student being transformed. This is the true job of the teachers. There is little pride is guiding brilliant students and claiming credit for it. The criteria for the average students should also be stringent.

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    The IIMs & the IITs are limited as of now to few numbers & that's why these got value in the market. Suppose the numbers have been increased then there would be lesser competition which will have the direct impact o n the quality of studies. So what we already got is good enough in order to maintain the quality studies.

    But for sure reservation has set up a boundation for more qualified competitors to remain in the backward position. You have work hard & raised to the level for a good job but denied just because you referred to a different section of a society. The increasing population & the changing demography is also posing a serious threat to our growth.

    We need to focus on the admissions purely on merit basis, that anyone capable of should only be given the offer without any second thought. We need to control the population also which could be in the ratio against the available resources. Not maintaining this would certainly lead to the situation unable to control & would have negative impact in the society as well.

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    India's IITs, have a staff faculty shortage of 34% as per current reports. IIT Kharagpur has a 46% vacancy figures. SO, it may not be a good idea to open more IITs if the current ones are struggling to have enough teachers. Why is this great difference?

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    It is not advisable to increase the number of IITs , NITs and similar premier institutions in this country. We have enough to meet the needs of the aspirants and what required now at this moment is that the infrastructure to the present institutions should be provided and these institutes to be developed well to save the face of the value of the IIT and NIT. NIT Raipur, for example, which was established following the formation of the new state of Chattisgarh got a permanent campus just two years ago. NIT Andhra Pradesh and IIT Tirupati which were established in 2014 following the bifurcation of AP are still running in temporary campuses and no permanent faculty was provided even todate. This is the fate of the so called premier institutes of this country. Establishing the new educational Institutions has become purely on political compulsions and Governments started playing with the career of the students. Even the CM of Andhra Pradesh was making allegations that the new institutions given to the residual AP were not provided with adequate funds for their growth. Even compound walls were not build for these institutes in AP even after four years. This would be a striking example to state that how the present IITs and NITs are functioning and losing their glory.

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    A country having more population does not need too many IITs and IIMs.

    What it needs is a number of polytechnic and skill based institutions giving certificates and diplomas which can provide a person job for his livihood.

    Today our education system is more academic then technical or skill based and that is hampering the good workmanship everywhere. It is reflecting in service sector also where very poor workmanship is being observed by the customers. It is even reflecting in banks, state Govt offices, PSUs and central Govt organisations where the performance of the employees is either poor or mediocre. So creating a number of high education centers is not going to help us.

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    Only day before yesterday, I read that there is a shortage of 29% faculty in Delhi IIT and overall there is a shortage of 34% in the faculty positions in all IITs. The same condition prevails in IIMs. If this is the condition, establishing more IITs and IIMs would mean compromising with quality.
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    Thank you for enlightening responses posted by various authors on the subject matter.

    Is it true that the quality of education in old IITs and IIMs is better than what is available in newly opened institutions of same name?

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