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    You can’t unring a bell: Once done cannot be undone

    Actions and words cannot be taken back. What is said or what is done cannot be undone. No one has the superpower to change the past. Once a word is spoken in haste, it can be forgiven but cannot be forgotten. It will remain as a wound in the heart of the victim. Similarly, if an action is done, then it is an unwritten rule that we have to face all the consequences as a result of our action. Uttering harsh words, missing opportunities, doing unkind actions without thinking, committing career mistakes, etc. are some common experiences in our lives for which we regret later. Once something is done, we regret either for what we have done or for what we have failed to do.

    No one is perfect in this world. It is a human tendency to make mistakes and regret later. To avoid committing mistakes, one has to keep up the patience level and has to think before uttering a word or performing an action. Sometimes even after thinking for a long time, humans take a wrong decision and as a result of it we end up performing a bad action. So, at that time we have no other option than living the consequences. One of the least things what a person can do is 'regret' because regretting gives a clear picture of the confusing views of a situation and helps to clarify things. Also regretting an action makes a person humble. We cannot blindly say regretting as a sense of positivity; it may also lead to an action of negativity and create negative outcomes.

    What is done can't be undone but life gives a do-over. Similarly, we can't unring a bell but we can grab a new chance and ring the bell again to create a perfect 'GONG' sound.

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    There are no rewind and edit buttons in our lives, We have no chance to rectify our mistakes. The only thing we can do is we can repent of our mistakes and avoid repeating them. We can't go back into past and change it. So we should keep our mistakes in mind and see that we will not do the mistake again.There is a proverb in Telugu which means that there is no chance to take back the word we utter so always we should mind our words and see that we will never hurt the others. Even if you want to differ with them politely say that you are differening but don't shout at them. Speak politely and aptly.
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    Nice post from the author. Yes for the bell, once decided to strike cannot be undone. This post brought me a silly incident happened during our school days. In our school there is a big bell and that is controlled and rung by the watchman appointed for that. But every children had the liking to hit the bell at least for once. One day the watchman went on rounds and the time for the period bell to ring. The head master requested my friend to hit only 5 bell to sound fifth period. But that boy gave long bell and the children from every class started running out with joy and ecstasy.
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    The author has very relevantly compared the 'bell ring 'to explain a moral message.

    It is a wisdom quote ever that 'an arrow shot from a bow and a word uttered from our mouth cannot be taken back' even by the person who shot them.

    Quite cleverly and unconventionally used the TOW key word 'bell' ring action to explain the message. On the face of it without going for dissection, we can easily agree with that comparison.

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    A lovely concept of the bell with a good message. Words or actions whose effects are irrevocable deserve time, attention and self- analysis because however much we try, sadly the damage would have already be done.
    While it's ideal to avoid such situations, in real life, these incidents happen regularly. When anger and rage take over our minds, even a level-headed person, will have a momentary loss of self-control leading to scenarios that are best avoided.
    Hence, instead of being too critical, we have to accept our mistakes with maturity and move on remembering the valuable lesson that we've learned from the whole unpleasant event. If one applies this concept to interstate and international border disputes, we can all make meaningful progress.

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    Though I appreciate the author with the message, prominence is given only to the message not to the bell whereas TOW is to the bell.

    But however this message is really a practical one.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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