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    A question without an answer, " who will bell the cat".

    During my childhood days, my grandfather used to narrate a nice story.
    The story was about a brainstorming session of all rats in the village. All the rats were suffering from the attack of the cat and every time some of them were losing their lives. What will be the way to get out of this problem. All the rats discussed that when the cat comes if we can hear some sound we can try to escape. So they decided to bell the cat. Then the question comes who will do that? A lot of discussions were going on, meanwhile from a side cat arrived and taken away a rat and the remaining shattered.
    Now in the present society, we have many evils like cats which are causing problems. We discuss so many remedial measures. But when the implementation part comes, the majority of the people go back like the rats. So no one really wants to bell the cat as they may lose their lives or happiness in their lives. So that question of who will bell the cat will remain always as a question without an answer.
    This is my entry for TOW contest for March.
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    The above story was printed in one of my primary class books. There was a picture also printed as a part of the story in which the assembly of rats was depicted. I still remember the story well as it's reference comes from time to time in our day to day life.

    A wise rat had suggested to bell the cat so that they can get a alert due to ringing of bell before arrival of cat to pounce upon them and take away one of them to savour.

    Basically the story provides a moral lesson about the fundamental difference between ideas and their feasibility. The story teaches us that implementation is more important than ideation.

    Whenever we talk about implementation, the government schemes come to our mind where generally implementation remains poor. It looks like the proposal to bell the cat is more like a government scheme than a fable.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author hasn't specified about who we refer here as a cat or a rat. But through the briefings we can draw an idea that the cat belongs to the individual or the group that is a nuisance to the society as a whole & the rat could be the victim.

    So, in the given scenario, each one of us is responsible for this & we are duty bound to do the needful in order to make the future free from these mentalities.

    Being a common people we wouldn't be able to do the this directly but now we are facilitated by various social media platforms like the Facebook through which we can raise our voice.

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    The age old proverb as to who will bell the cat ? was well presented in this tom topic by the author. And by the way this question is asked when there is tricky situations.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice old story used for the bell. I think as far as social evils and the crimes in societies are concerned(the cats), the traditional thinking by the rats(people) should change. We need to have a unified front and if we stand hand in hand within enough numbers unified, the cats will maintain their distance, any cat venturing too close can be handled. SO, instead of asking who'll bell the cat, we need to ask who all will stand against the cat?

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