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    Eye problem - need advice based on first-hand experience

    Since quite a few years now I have been doing my eye check-up. In the most recent one last week, the Ophthalmologist did the usual perimetry and OCT tests and checked the eye pressure. The OCT test revealed a thinning out of the optic nerve fibres, much more in my left eye and slightly in the right one, caused by the possibility of Glaucoma. Eye pressure also was very slightly high. In last year's tests with another specialist, he, too, had emphasized the need to regularly check eye pressure & had warned of the possibility of Glaucoma.

    I am posting this in the forum and not in the AE section because I don't just want info. taken from the Net. I want to know if anybody has had, or you know somebody who has had, Glaucoma and how they dealt with it.

    I have been advised to have the eye pressure checked every month and repeat the OCT test. She said that, after six months, if the optic fibres have deteriorated further, I can start with the treatment (the specialist said I do not need to take medications as of now.)

    I have also been advised that, to avoid eye pressure, I should not look down while reading. So when reading a book I need to hold it up at eye level, as also the laptop, mobile phone, etc. It should not also be too high, going above the eye level, as that will cause dry eyes' problem.

    Nutritionwise I have been advised to eat lots of green leafy vegetables.

    Healthwise: I do not have Diabetes; am taking daily tablets for thyroid. Otherwise no other health issues at all. I do not need glasses for reading, but require it for distant vision, and use it to watch TV & when waiting for a bus to be able to see the bus number when it is some distance away or to see the screen displaying trains at a station.

    Other than what has been mentioned above, please do let me know if any ISCian is aware of what other things I need to do, including things I should avoid eating. I am seriously worried about the possibility down the line of deteriorating vision. Good heavens! - suppose I am forced to quit ISC altogether - can't bear that thought.
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    You must take enough rest and give more rest to your eyes. Be away from electronic gadgets. Go for evening walk. Evening walk provides cooling to our eyes. Many times I have experienced my burning and tired eyes has become well after one hour walk ans sitting in green parks. If you can take long leave from ISC, I may improve the situation.

    When you have a thyroid condition, a high-fibre diet can be of particular benefit to you by helping with weight loss and chronic constipation, among other positive effects. Fibre can reduce the risk of stroke and improve your heart health. The more fibre in your daily diet, the lower your risk of obesity. Difficulty losing weight, can be a challenge for people with hypothyroidism. Elevated bad cholesterol is sometimes the result of hypothyroidism. So this is an extra benefit of fibre for thyroid patients. Dietary fibre helps control the digestion, reduce haemorrhoids and regulate bowel movements. High-fibre diet have shown that the absorption of sugar is slowed. This helps promote better glucose levels. Reduce colon cancer risk. Increases mineral absorption

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    There are a lot of things which can be done for the restoration of your healthy eye - sight. You may adopt some of the useful tips-
    1) As soon as you get up in the morning, wash your eyes with copious amount of water for at least five minutes to shoot your strained nerves of the eyes.
    2) In the night after your dinner, you may take roughly 2.5 GM of triphala - powder along with a cup of warm water. This will act positively on your metabolism including the strengthing the eye - nerves.
    3) Make a practice to move on green - grasses in the morning hours for at least twenty minutes in bare - feet and so there will be exposure of dews with your feet giving you enhanced health benifits.
    4) Include Papaya, Apples, Carrots, Beet rout in your meals or in breakfast. Green vegetables should be include in the top most priority.
    5) As far as possible desist from Lap - tops, Desk - tops or any electronic gadgets two hours prior to sleep. The radiation emitted from these items may deteriorate your eye - system if used in excess manner.
    6) A sound sleep for eight hours in night is essential for the improved metabolism.

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    The health tips mentioned in some of the responses here would be useful for preventive action. Glaucoma is not that much dangerous eye disease when acted promptly. Moreover, the recent advanced techniques have made it more easier to use the Eye drops suggested by the Specialist continuously would help you to maintain the eye pressure as per the desired levels. It is just like taking pills regularly to control the BP level when High BP is noticed once. Just as BP levels do increase when the pills are not taken, same is the case with Glaucoma treatment. You should not stop using eye drops, else the OCT pressure readings fluctuate.

    All this could happen only when Glaucoma is detected and once confirmed of its presence based on the Visual field tests, Specialist would suggest proper medication. The Field test would determine the percentage of loss of sight and the medication would help only to save the remaining percentage of loss of sight and the lost percentage would not be restored. This is a trivial disease which can affect anyone even if you are not a Diabetic or suffering from BP. If someone is a Diabetic and detected of presence of Glaucoma in his eyes, he should be more careful as the loss of eye sight is more prone for them. We have a family history of Glaucoma and it is often considered as genetic. So, doctors suggest to undergo periodical tests for those people whose close relatives like father, mother or maternal relatives have been affected by Glaucoma. My father was a Glaucoma patient but he could do his work without any hindrance and my brother younger to me is also using eye drops to maintain the OCT pressure. I am a chronic Migraine sufferer but yesterday Doctor suggested me to go field test to verify the presence of Glaucoma because of family history.

    So, nothing to worry and don't think too far about ISC and your other activities. But do get checked the Eye pressure level at regular intervals where the reading should not exceed 22/20 for both the eyes.


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