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    Play to learn, learn to play. How best you can interpret ?

    While the children are growing, the mother would play with them and make the things to understand and by the play way method, small kids are taught with many things of life. Likewise for any adults they missed many games while they are child and now like to have that playing experience. In that case they have to learn so that they can play. While children play with ease and learn, elders do learn easily but cannot play with ease. How do you interpret this and say in your own words.
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    The slogan coined by the author - 'Play to Learn, Learn to Play' obviously reminds us of the motto of ISC i.e. 'Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn’.

    It is true that the learning process of kids start with playing as before anything else, they start playing during their growing up process and not only in the play group classes in schools, but even before that parents start enabling them to learn few things gradually in phases at home. The children start recognising colours, shapes, fruits, animals, birds etc. while playing with toys etc. to begin with.

    Learning to play goes on parallely. The kids start learning as to how to balance body while using a swing, slide or see-saw in the park and further ahead.

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    What is to be performed in a particular age should be performed at that age only. A boy of 5 years should start learning and playing. At the age of 18, he should concentrate on education and good extra circular habits and try to perform at his top level. The marriage should be around 23rd to 30th year. But a person with 60 years wants to play like a child he can't do that. in my opinion, even learning at that age is difficult. You can force a boy of 3 years age to go daily to school for 6 hours and start learning. He should be taught slowly how to stay away from home and taught the playing.
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    yes, as Mr Kailash Kumar stated it reminds us the motto of ISC " Learn to earn, Earn to learn". It is well said that play to learn and learn to play. It is the best method to learn and our government also use this method in preprimary and primary section. Many schools also implement this method of learning. As far as the elders are concerned, we can play easily. In our society, we organize one day games for all the members from children to old age. Every member of our community take part and enjoy the whole day.
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    Learning with fun and in a playful manner is always liked by children when compared to formal classroom learning. Some of the simple games like memory games, cards, and trade games helped us to learn addition, subtraction etc. Likewise, if adults try to play the video games or remote-controlled cars and helicopters, we would not be as skilled as the youngsters because of less dexterity and reflex times. There are some funny videos of grandparents trying the swing or running in circles only to fall down soon, while the children continue happily.

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