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    What is your guess about Jio Prime facility soon to be expiring

    Jio revolutionised the mobile data sector. It made many happy, many sceptical and many mumbling, and some spitting fire and froth. But it tossed and toppled the mobile data arena.

    But the public really enjoyed, literally. It was discovered to them that if one really wants, then there are any number of ideas and ways to market a product with the clients wholeheartedly welcoming. They showed that users can be given quality service at the cheapest cost too. .Jio was there leading, and making others just follow.

    But it is now time for keeping fingers crossed. The most beneficial Jio Prime membership facility is to expire by 31 st March.
    All Jio users are eagerly waiting to see what is next.

    Can we risk a guess until the result comes out? What is your guess and expectation from Jio?
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    What I opine that JIO could not sell as expected. For the past one month we could see Reliance has engaged to sell their handsets for free and the sim for JIO at 49 for three months. I am of the opinion that the Reliance has the compulsion to extend the dead line of Jio Prime. Otherwise there are always a possibility for the customer to shift their preference to other cell operators. Already Aircel has been offering free sim and other attractive benefits to induce unsatisfied customers. One more thing , Reliance has to maintain the strength of the signals. I often find the signals are very weak and thereby, we are being given the message of miss call and that service is charged. Is there a deliberate attempt on the Reliance to hold our calls and turn into messages is the thing to ponder over. But Reliance cannot play game with customers and it has to pull the socks if it wants to retain the existing customers otherwise Airtel Zindabad.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I live in a suburban area of Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh. Jio sim is not available in my locality. Though it is available in the range of 15 Km away from my town. So, I will not be affected by expiring Jio Prime service. Jio tower is going to start in my locality within next two month and I hope in starting they will provide us with some special offer as a promotion of their sim.
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    I never succumbed to the lure of free services etc. offered by the Jio though I enjoyed the imaginative promotional campaigns launched by the company. Initially, there used to be severe irritation due to frequent interruptions/call drops while talking to friends on their Jio numbers. Once I remarked to one of my friends that no father can fix marriage of his daughter by using Jio number for talking to the parents of the would be bridegroom as the interruptions in the calls will irritate his parents to such an extent that they will drop the proposal.

    Nothing comes free. No businessman runs his business at a loss, more so a Gujarati Businessman. They had to launch their son, not the company and therefore like all other parents did their best to make the event memorable by catching maximum number of sitting ducks.

    Now, the time of return gift will come soon. The consumers will have to shell out.

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    Reliance Jio came with a bang, displaced the market with aggressive pricing promotions. Now the honeymoon period for the customers is over, it will start charging, at an attractive price and then slowly start increasing the traffic, automatic activation of value-added services (music/tones etc). We have seen this with other companies.

    Yes, Jio has achieved what it wanted, now it will have to move on. This time last year, many companies lost huge amounts of their revenue, shares fell etc, now the clients will pay a small amount.
    A few months back I raised a thread Reliance Jio is it bad for the Indian economy, as nothing comes free, I was concerned will the consumer finally pay for all the freebies and loses indirectly?

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    Let me admit frankly, I started with Jio with a bit of cynicism and scepticism when I bought a Jiophone. But by and by(especially when they brought out the Rs49 p.m plan for jiophone) I have started enjoying the services. Of course there is still no facility of whatsapp. Had it been there then that will be a lottery.
    My son is using the JioFi for internet using the Ji Prime membership facility. Data was never ever cheap before Jio came. Because of Jio people started using and enjoying many facilities and apps .

    My guess is that Jio will not disappoint its loyal users. They may bring out some more encouraging promos and facilities. If not, they will suddenly know that users abandon Jio and emigrate to other providers.

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    Now the other companies are also forced to reduce the prices to stand in the market. So Airtel and Idea are waiting for a chance. By any chance JIO tries to increase the rates, these two players will try to get the maximum benefits by keeping low prices. These two companies made a lot of profit earlier. So they don't worry much about lower prices. In such case, JIO should be watchful in its game.
    So what I predict is JIO will go very cautiously and will not disappoint many of its customers. So they may start charging but on par or a little less than other providers. Definitely, they will come out with some other offers and schemes and see that their customer base will not go down if not increased.
    As such I am sure that the JIO customers need not worry as their prime facility will expire soon. They will definitely enjoy their journey with JIO for reasonable and low market rates.

    always confident

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