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    Why are we confronting with new kind of diseases either too unknown and nor heard ?

    Normally we are accustomed with high risk health setbacks such as heart attack, brain stroke, kidney failure and so on. Now a days the people are confronted with rare and such kind of diseases which are not heard previously nor known to us. As the medical profession grows, the new diseases seems to be a challenging for doctors to attend and get rid off. One of the patient feet had the swelling. Neither she was injured nor anything fell on the feet. In the X ray there seems to tiny breakage of bones and hence the blood clot. Doctors are unable to understand ?
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    It is rightly said that knowledge is nothing but discovery of our own ignorance. This applies in the case of medical science also. Research and development activities being carried out continuously by academic institutions as well as in the laboratories of healthcare companies are opening newer vistas and revealing frontiers unexplored and depths unfathomed so far. Such R&D activities may be one of reasons for identification of medical conditions unknown so far.

    The advent of computers has revolutionised the arena of medical diagnostic sciences also. Now we have more sophisticated computerised systems which have potential of unraveling mysteries unexplored till now. Change in lifestyle of people, growing air and water pollution due to chemical as well as particulate contaminants, non-availability of almost nothing unadulterated to eat and drink etc. are other reasons of development of new diseases.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Blood clotting shows that there is an injury though it was in past and we have ignored it. The ignoring of injury results in this type of trouble in future. So, never ignore any injury. Blood clotting is sometimes due to high blood pressure, tension, problems in the circulatory system, etc. Let see what the research show in the future for this type of rare and unheard disease.
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    There are many diseases which are not known to the medical field in earlier days. But these days a good amount of Research and Development activity is going on around the globe to know the reason for different unhealthy conditions and new remedies are being discovered to stop people getting affected. That is we rarely hear about typhoid or cholera etc. Similarly, diseases like smallpox and chicken pox were outdated and we are not coming across such problems. That is why the longevity of a human being is also in increasing mode these days. So now the smaller problems which are even not reported earlier coming into the limelight as the scientist never give away their urge for discoveries. So such kind of diseases are identified now and they are trying to find out new medicines to them. Another factor is the food items we are consuming and their quality. They are also responsible for the new and unexpected diseases. The third reason is the medicines themselves. Many types of allopathic medicines are discovered and without understanding the side effects such drugs are administered to people. They may be useful oneway but cause a problem in an unanticipated line.
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    Clots in the leg without obvious events like long-distance travel, air travel would mean an inherent tendency for the blood to clot, this would need further tests. As far a minor breakage, it's not unusual in apparently healthy looking people due to gross deficiency in vitamin D3, use or abuse of steroids or obesity.

    With advances in medical technology, we are finding out more and more unusual diseases, the means to find them early and the means to treat or control them. It is just the result of better equipment, accessibility, and spread of knowledge. At one point of time operating on babies were risky, now we are able to operate on the fetus while it is still in the mother's womb.

    As common people, it is difficult for us to understand these new developments, with time we would do so. At one point of time we never had heard of dengue or swine flu, now most of us are familiar with it.

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    There had never been the case that some diseases never existed in the past but on the contrary & although existed but this never came into picture. It's the new development as well as the consistent efforts on the medical grounds that more new facts are coming up.

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    The diseases appearing currently does not mean it was nonexistent in the past but the fact is otherwise. While talking the gravity of the diseases with which Indian people were afflicted were either not properly diagnosed by the doctors of those days or the people lacked the medical facilities because of their ignorance of their health condition or due to financial constraints making them helpless to approach a doctor.
    The positive side is that there has been tremendous improvement in the area of medical science and even the dingonistic centres are not n a position to ascertain the disease in the lest possible time due to back up of the latest equipments. Potent medicines for all the diseases are available to control / eliminate the prevailing diseases.
    Despite the facts that vigorous research is going on to tackle the disease, a new set of disease is cropping up and hence such manifestation of the diseases is challenge to both to the doctors and societies. Let us hope with total involvement of the medical team and pumping enough resources in the research - field relating to curbing the disease would show a decline in the spread of the diseases.

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