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    Let's know about JNU

    RTI activist Mr. Gopal Prasad filed an RTI. Thanks to this RTI, many new and interesting information have come to the public domain. Some of the information is indicated below:-

    (a) There are more than three hundred complaints about consumption of drugs (marijuana), alcohol and intoxicants. Students have been fined Rs. 52,000/- for consumption of alcohol at Mahi Mandavi Hostel. This is the record of last six years.

    (b) Three students were fined Rs 1.93 lakh, Rs 1.45 lakh and Rs 1.36 lakh respectively for not vacating hostel rooms, creating a ruckus, inciting violence, consumption of alcohol with outsiders within the campus.

    (c) After the Afzal Guru incident, twenty-one students were booked for violating rules, inciting violence and sedition charges.

    (d) Three students have been banned for five years from entering campus. A student named Sayeed Umar Khalid (very famous student!) has been suspended for 6 months and fined Rs. 20,000/-.

    (e) Kanhaiya Kumar (very famous!) and Saurabh Kumar Sharma have been fined Rs. 10,000/- each for anti-national slogans. Another two students have been banned for one year and fined Rs. 20,000/- for raising anti-national slogans and supporting Pakistan.

    There are some more interesting facts about the students of the university (mainly from social sciences department) which have come to limelight, but we must not share everything in the educational platform.
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    The Constitution (Sixty-first Amendment) Act, 1988, lowered the voting age of elections to the Lok Sabha and to the Legislative Assemblies of States from 21 years to 18 years. At about 18 years of age, the students generally pass 12th grade and enter graduation courses in universities/colleges. Thus unlike in the past, the students of degree courses are now equipped with the power to vote.

    Possessing power to vote is like possessing Brahmastra which has potential to cause uttar devastation in case not used with due prudence. Thus the universities turned into a cauldron of political activities and students unions/associations were formed in the name of cultural outfits to taste the blood of electoral politics.

    Not only in JNU but in almost all universities including Jadavpur University and BHU, student leaders are being groomed as power brokers to muster support for political parties which are financing them, directly or indirectly, on one pretext or the other.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author has brought out certain aspects of the Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU). I wish to add some more about JNU.
    The JNU was established in the year 1969. The area of JNU is 404.69 hectares. There are 13 departments with 459 faculty members. This University is ranked number one in India by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with an A++ grade valid up to 29th. October 2022. JNU was ranked No 3 among all universities in India by the National Institutional Ranking Framework, Government of India, in 2016 and no 2 in 2017. JNU also received the Best University Award from the President of India in 2017. The alumni include many prominent figures. The present government consists of some who were educated in this prestigious institute.
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    "So. What action has been taken? Is the BJP led center blind and deaf?"-I fully agree. The Government must do away with the autonomy of the university, send police force and give 'proper treatment' to those anti-national, lumpen elements who are vitiating the environment of the university. These 30+ and 40+ students should be taught a proper lesson.

    "A jaundiced eye cannot see the bright side of anything in this world."-Again I agree. Almost all the teachers and students of social sciences department have jaundiced eyes and cant' see the bright side of India.

    So faras top rankings of JNU, these are due to the silent but prominent contributions of the teachers and students of science departments and some of the literature/language departments.

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    Looks like the RTI has brought out the dark side of a university. Generally speaking most institutions, organisations and even the society has it's share of issues that they cannot be proud off but rather feel embarrassed. These figures reflect the common problems that need to be addressed. How and when would be for the university officials and the Government machinery to decide.

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    RTI has brought some accepts on the negative side of the university. In any university or Institution, the problems will come majorly with the students' ins Arts and commerce wings. There the students can join courses one after another and there is no necessity that they should attend the classes. But a student from science stream or technical stream can't behave like the other students because they will have a lot of interaction with teachers and any misbehaviour from their side can cause them problems. So they will be in tune only always.
    JNU may be a very good University and may be having good faculty. But some trouble making students, maybe a very few in number, can spoil the image outside.

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    We get to know something or of someone on an overall image that has evolved during a span of time. And with that context JNU is not an exception. The way & the timings at which the different activities have taken place makes this institution no more valuable or respected. We had the slogans raised which we have heard through the recordings in the mobile phones that the union is no more interested in any growth or development tasks but just to highlight themselves for their own political gains.

    Those activities were never ever seemed in comparison with such a class that this institution was known for earlier.

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