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    Do you agree with me that more cash credit is awarded in Forum section nowadays

    I have observed that nowadays more cash credit is awarded in the forum section. Forum thread and forum responses both have been awarded more cash credit in the month of March. It is my observation. Kudos to the editors and webmaster for the same. I think this will motivate the members of ISC to contribute more in the forum section.
    Do you agree with me? members, please share your opinion in this thread.
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    Yes, I have also noticed that more cash credits are being awarded these days compared to the past. It is a good development and is likely to motivate the contributors for posting quality contents.

    I believe that most of the members (including myself) are not aware about the SEO etc. and they contribute according to their own experience and background. There are certain regular members who keep the hearth of forum section burning by posting one thing or the other regularly.

    Earlier sometimes we used to get Rs.1 also as CC in forum section though nowadays it is not seen. However, it appears that the minimum CC Rs.2 is awarded these days.

    In case the editors are able to throw more light on the CC award system in the forum section, it will be very much useful to all the contributors and at the same time enable them to improve the quality of their output to match with the expectations of the ISC.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There have been some excellent threads that have been awarded good amounts in the forum during the recent weeks. I find the quality of the composition of some threads including the titles has been the best so far in my little experience. Great to see new members with new ideas and regular members with a fresh breath of life in the forum.

    Mr.Kailash Kumar's request about cc and quality reminds me of the threads we had in forum about the need for appreciation for our work, Appreciation -The most desired thing this seems to be true in ISC forum too.

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    Though @Natarajan says is true, we have to think other ways too that members also equally responsible in this section that threads should not go off track and also should be of good taste.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I have been noticing these days that forum section is very active. Many posts and responses are coming every day. In fact, some of them are very good. Many new members started contributing here which made the section lively. So I think to encourage more members to participate in the section and to attract new members to this section the Editors may be giving some cash credits to deserving cases. It is a good development and it may attract many more new members here. As long as the discussion goes based on the issue and on track, it gives pleasure to read and write here. I hope more people will come here and contribute their knowledge for the benefit of other ISB members.
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    Yes Forum has become lively and even ME has expressed her appreciation for that. When the post is attractive and gets immediate response from members and has the wide impact, such threads do get cash credits and even good answers are getting cash credits. But my earnest request to editors that they should not delete any post. Because creating a thread is not that easy and if that gets deleted the author feels bad and demotivated. Instead the points can be reduced and that itself a punishment. By the way the members to follow the posting guidelines and hence my request be adhered too.
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    There have been some good entries during the last month in the forum section which were converted to contest or group discussions by the concerned editors. These were very vibrant with the participation of many members and broke the monotony.

    The editors are also working hard to distinguish the outstanding contributions and crediting it accordingly.

    It is the collective effort of all the participating members making the forum section so vibrant and active.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, I have also noticed that cash credit in Forum section has been increased. That is a very good news and this would definitely inspire the Members to submit quality contributions. Although in my own case, I have noticed that rejection rate has become an alarming 50%.
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    @Saroja, agree with you, at ISC, as members each one us has to ensure that we do not sidetrack the thread or pass inappropriate comments. Such events are strictly regulated leading to negative points/locking but it does disturb the harmony of the forum.

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    If members get more cash credit in forum, then that is welcome.
    It means that there are quality threads and quality responses coming; members have more awareness of SEO matters and current trending topics, forum also gets revenue for ISC.

    I agree and submit myself too to the statement of Kailsh Kumar "I believe that most of the members (including myself) are not aware about the SEO etc. and they contribute according to their own experience and background."unquote.

    But hope that we also are improving and trying somehow to better ourselves and believe that we also contribute to ISC even with our limits and limitations.

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