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    Have you ever measured diameter of rotis served to you by your wife?

    Yes, strange it may seem, but it is a fact that an engineer husband in Pune used to measure diameter of rotis served to him by his wife. His demand was that she cook 'rotis' for him having a diameter neither more, nor less than 20 centimeters. He used to measure the diameter of rotis using a measuring tape and used to physically assault her if they don't turn out to be of the ordered dimension.

    The wife, 10 years into marriage now, has filed a case for divorce. She has stated in her petition that her husband wanted her to tabulate all the daily chores on an excel sheet and demarcate work using different colours as completed tasks, not completed tasks and tasks under progress.

    Both the spouses are highly educated, the husband being an IT engineer and the wife has done M.Sc. in computer science.

    Have you ever measured diameter of rotis served to you by your wife?
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    Have you ever measured diameter of rotis served to you by your wife?
    No, it is not required. it is a foolishness. You are not purchasing roti from the vendor. Here quality matters not diameter.

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    I never thought off. What is the use? Is there any specification for it? The diameter may vary based on the quantity of stuff they are taking for one roti and the pressure they used while pressing it. If somebody is measuring and assaulting the maker for the change in the diameter, he is none other than a fool. He should be punished severely.
    How that wife tolerated this man for 10 years I don't understand. Even in these days such husband and wives are existing. Really astonishing. Properly she got vexed now and that is why she has gone to court. Probably the court may punish him for his mad acts.

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    I think the husband is mantle retarded and he should consult a psychiatrist. A normal man will never think about this type of foolishness. I think no one on ISC has measured the diameter of roti prepared by his wife. I always feel the love of wife when I sit to eat food. The love, dedication, affection behind the roti are important not the diameter. Sometimes we all (four family members) make chapaties together and enjoy very much.
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    Down with such narrow minded husbands. Wife is not a machine and she is not a servant to take orders and serve the master. She is working all the days in a year and serving with smile. We should be ever grateful to our wife and without her the tranquillity of the home gets disturbed. Instead of enjoying every moment of life, the foolish Engineer was tabulating the size of rotis as if he is going to win a Guinness book of records for her. I am really unhappy with those people who treat the wife as worst than servants and demand services to their table. Let him do such equal size rotis for just once. Then he shall find the difference.
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    The title may sound silly to some but we read the thread, it makes us feel sad that such people do exist admist us.The man certainly sounds like someone who is not only obessed with perfection but also unfit to be called a social being. He is likely to have a psychological illness or lost touch with reality badly. Such people would have had a troubled childhood or had a traumatic experience that makes them behave like this.

    It would be a surprise if anyone does not express their heartfelt sympathy towards the lady for suffering at the hands of such a deviant individual. I dare not measure the roti, we are not living in a lab or taking an exam in perfection. We are to lead a life with our spouses and children in what is acceptable within the family dynamics following the norms.

    I'm curious to know the circumstances of how this man reached this stage? I hope there are no kids involved, for to see their mother suffering in silence would break their hearts.

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    Every person in this world has some abnormality, which others may call fad. I also have my own abnormalities, which is not to be shared. But beating wife and having divorce proceeding for this fad is not good for the society.
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    #631466 - They have a six year old girl. As per newspaper reports the girl child is also beaten and on few occasions he had threatened her with a knife. The hearing of the case in the court is fixed in April.
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