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    Can technology be used for stopping leakage of question papers in board examinations?

    Since yesterday the print as well as electronic media is abuzz with news about leakage of question papers of CBSE board examination and announcement of re-examination in one subject each in 10th and 12th board examinations. It is also being said that the Prime Minister himself has expressed his unhappiness about the developments.
    CBSE board has comparatively better reputation and perhaps better systems also. So far copying or cheating in state board examinations of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have become a routine though this year few lakh students had abandoned the examinations due to stringent measures adopted by the government of Uttar Pradesh.

    We have made much progress in technology on almost all fronts. Can technology be used for stopping leakage of question papers in board examinations?
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    After all it's the human being who is keeping an eye. So in due course if the individual person rules out his responsibility & starts blaming on others then this will continue to remain unresolved till last long. The same is the case here. One was given the responsibility but there was a still a leakage & the whole process has been cancelled & the examination has been rescheduled.

    Although we have the victim but the conspirator is missing. If we take a note then for such projects only the limited profile are allowed to enter into the confidentiality but still that is missing. There are assurances but lakhs of students have suffered & we can't do anything.

    We have made the technology & the same is implemented by us only. So in actual we rule the technology & the visa-versa can't be possible.

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    The main problem of leakage is coming due to printing and distribution of papers to various places. In these transactions, many people are involved. So any small weak point in the system can create the problem. So if we can avoid printing the chances of leaking may come down. But we can't completely eliminate the chances.
    To avoid this problem earlier in undivided AP, they used to print 2 or 3 sets of papers. Which set is to be offered will be decided on the morning of the exam day and announced in state news in All India Radio. After that, some control came in the system.
    Instead of printing the question papers, the papers can be made ready as soft copies and 5 or 6 papers should be kept ready online and the selected set can be sent to HMs od the Schools on the day of the exam and then they can take copies from the internet and distribute. In such case, the chances of leakage may come down. Taking one or two copies and then xeroxing it may not take much time.
    Another system which will completely avoid the chances of leakage is to get ready 2 or 3 sets of question papers and different questions papers are to be distributed to different candidates. Candidate A may get Set1. Candidate B will get Set 2.

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    It is a very shameful act of leaking question papers of Board examination. I am saying this as I am a teacher and I know how much time and dedication a student and a teacher spent for the preparation of Board examination. I student prepare himself from the very beginning of the session. But due to some corrupted people (though they are the teachers and are on higher post) the complete preparation go waste and student frustrated for preparing another examination of the same subject whose examination has been taken previously.
    I think technology should be used to prevent such types of activities and we are able to adopt this type of technology.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    In India at present three sets of question papers are being printed for every subject and exam and at the last hour the communication is passed to the colleges as to which set has to be opened and distributed to the students to start write exams. But in the case of CBSE leaks the authorities who indulged in copy activities and sending the message via social media seems to have opened all the three sets and kept ready for circulation. Therefore it is the system failure to which the authorities used the situation to their favour and the students are compelled to write re exams now.
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    Do we need technology to teach us(people involved in setting the question paper) to be honest? Like how we expect the doctor to do the right thing, the politician to do what is right for the people we also want the teaching faculty and others involved in the paper formatting, printing etc to be honest and upload the very basic task of not allowing the paper to be leaked. But sadly it happens because it involves humans and some human have a value for their integrity and are ready to sell it in return for a favor or money.

    Technology can certainly be used to prevent such leaks.What we need is a vast secure digital vault of questions related to a particular subject. Then an encrypted software in each of the school or exam center. There should be a mother computer which prints a randomly allocated code for each exam center that should be transmitted by secure mail. At the venue, in a secret room, if this code is fed into the encrypted software, it should generate a question paper from the digital vault and print it within a matter of few minutes.

    Yes, there would be minor issues or places wherein the system fails, at such places we need a pre-agreed plan-B which would be to another server and system that can do the same job.

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