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    Too Close Yet Too Far!

    Technologies have made us apart from each other.

    Do we believe so?

    In my point of view, we are although closer in our relationships but yet too far in the ground realities, with the proven fact that we don't have much to say or share when we are in communication with each other or nothing much then to ask about the well being & this gets end-up.

    During the time we didn't have the latest handsets available we used to fix the time when we usually had to make a call. That time we had much to talk about which is the reason of the gap wherein & although we had the matter but not readily available of the means to communicate. Like in the mean time if I have something then the current technology assists in the way that we can make a call immediately rather then keep it pending for a week or more time.
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    Yes. We are to close physically in a place. But we are very far away. We will never talk among ourselves. Everyone will be with his/her mobile or laptop. This is the reality in the real world these days. In the home, society and everywhere there are lots of contacts but no connection. Everybody is living in the virtual world.
    We have brothers and sisters. They are our contacts. But we never meet each other. So there is no connection. We should meet, spend some time together, share our experiences and enjoy. But this is not there these days.
    We will be sending messages to Whats App and we will share posts on social media. This is the fact of life these days.
    When we meet there will not be anything to share also as already we are contacting them in the social media. This is the fact. Maybe that way technology has done something bad for us.

    always confident

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    Social media have become another world where people are more interactive . We see that people who are less interactive in their real life open up or express their thoughts here .May be it is a reason that more people are on social sites. However when we are together we can do something in action rather in words like helping each other in some work, go out together ,plan to keep the laptop or mobile phone at distance for a day or so ,cook for each other etc depending it is for dear or near ones . Even if both are interactive on social sites ,you may limit your interaction there and decide to express more when you meet up.

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    Now a days people are using social media to such an extent that the wife extends her first birthday greetings withing the house through social media. And what is more surprising that some people are putting the same message in the groups and thus becoming a laughing stock. Nothing can match the personal greeting and exchanging pleasantries. Social media can be used for those who are far away. As far as possible we must maintain physical meeting and chatting personally so that the bonding grows and sustains. New technologies can be kept aside when we want to have more personal relations.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Earlier, people used to write letters, book trunk calls, go the local PCO booth to make an STD call because the options were limited and the access to communicate was expensive and not very easy. In contrast, now we have free emails, almost free what's up, hundreds of free minutes, free texts and so many devices and social media that everything is being shared instantly and very quickly. There is enough information left at one point in time that merits a lengthy conversation.

    Yes, the current social media and communication has brought us closer but have little left to convey. Perhaps, with the same media, if we impose restrictions ourselves barring an emergency, we would still able to write a short letter by email or what's up. It just needs a change in the mindset, a discipline to practice and we can have meaningful conversations with enough relevant stuff to talk about.

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    Nowadays, people receive hundreds of birthday wishes on Facebook though few of them, particularly those belonging to senior age groups, have never celebrated their birthday in practice. People feel elated to receive likes and comments on Facebook and carve for more.

    We have a WhatsApp group of retired officers of our erstwhile organisations and few members in their eighties are active in the same and contribute regularly.

    We interact on FaceTime daily with our children and grandchildren.

    The above are some of the examples of infiltration of technology in our day to day communication with whom we are connected. These contacts range from the closest one to almost superficial one.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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