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    The Social Enties That Could Make Us Achieve Big In Our Life.

    In this harsh competitive world we need to keep our pace revisited in order to make up with the competition. By "Revisited", mean to take care of our moves vs the target achieved. To this context, we are advised by our teachers or the parents that to follow the renowned personalities in order to become a achiever in life. To give a few examples, we talked a lot about the Steve Job or the Dhirubhai Ambani.

    When I feel disappointed or sad, that I couldn't do the thing or the things got delayed then I go to the market & observe the people around me. It's a mob that is busy with their business & trying to settle for more at the end of the day. You have got to see a lot of faces still struggling to earn their daily wages. In many of those few are businessmen while few others are the laborers. They all trying to do their best. What I am focusing here is that this whole got all kinds of persons with having different backgrounds facing different problems in their life. What is good about this is that they don't make us realize their problems but keeping a smiling faces throughout & assisting to make this beautiful. That there is God Who is taking care of all of us & that our efforts wouldn't go in vain but for sure will get reflected in the future.

    This is the beauty of life & always kept me inspired.
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    If we wanted to be successful than others, self probing and be content with life as to what ever we learned and earning we are having and that would keep the life going. The trouble starts when we want to earn more, through short cut means , over and above the amount required. That means greediness makes us to take worst decisions in life and that proves to be hindrance in the long run. We always learn lessons from ants as to how they form queue and fetch each item fallen on the ground and how they save the same for the future .For this all ants work together to achieve the goal.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Just now I heard a speech by a famous Telugu Pandit, in which he says that be happy with what God has given us. Many are struggling for food but he has given us food. There are many people who are blind. But God has given us good vision. Many are not able to walk as they are not having legs properly but we are walking nicely. By thinking like this we should thank God for all the what he has given us.
    Keep an Aim in the life. Take somebody great as a role model and try to achieve the aim by a legal and noble means. Don't be greedy by seeing who are more better than you in your life.
    Be positive and hope that everything will go positive and be happy. Don't worry about small setbacks and see how to overcome them in future.

    always confident

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    Everyone in this world has a purpose and a set of duties to be performed. The only difference is in the nature of tasks and the phase in which the person and the project are in.
    When we look around as the author has done, we see a young father or mother running around, dropping their children and hurriedly reaching the office or a retired couple who have fulfilled their responsibilities and have time on their hand or even parents struggling to make ends meet. All of us have our own set of problems and we find ways and means to solve it with the help of friends, families and the Almighty.
    Yes, the paths and the pace with which we follow such paths to reach our destination are variable, we should keep the endpoint in mind and renew our speed when we get tried.

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