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    Should the actors from India follow restrictions with kind of role they play in Hollywood ?

    We known some of the actors performing in Hollywood. Some of us must have seen their Hollywood films. We see that they are appreciated on media platform or in award functions .They are termed as global icon.These actors have to keep up their standards and to maintain particular lifestyle. Obviously they get paid in multiples when it is for a foreign movie. We have also heard their work being criticized in mother nation by certain groups of their own nation, particularly for female actresses.These actors come back to their nation and work in homeland again. We see them performing roles of a historic personality with values and culture representing our nation?
    According to me any actor male or female if have more respect for our nation rather than just getting modernized will set their terms keeping in mind the sentiments of their people because they become a public figure and start representing their country.
    Do you also think this way? What are your views on this?
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    A good thought. But we will think in that way. It will be the other way round. The way they acted in Hollywood and that culture will be tried here and try to make money. We all know, unlike other professions, acting in movies that too by females will be for a brief period and they will try to make maximum money during that short period. We all know Make hay while Sun shines is the law here. So expecting from them to set their terms is a very big issue. We will be happy if they are not hijacking that system to our country. But it will be good if they can make their terms in such a way that they will keep the values of the country on the forefront
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    Perhaps the author is hinting about the bold scenes portrayed by Indian actresses in Hollywood films. The contents of Hollywood films are different primarily because of cultural differences. The artist play their role as an artist as required by the script and directed by the directors.

    As a matter of fact, in India also certain bold scenes have been depicted in the movies like Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Ram Teri Ganga Maili, Julie, Kamasutra, Kamasutra 3D, Jism 2 and B.A. Pass etc. In Indian movies, generally nude scenes are not depicted though many bold actresses appear in bikini scenes considered bold scenes by Indian standards. Among the contemporary actresses Shraddha Kapoor, Esha Gupta, Disha Patani, Priyanka Chopra etc. have appeared in bold scenes.

    As far as the point raised by the author of the thread is concerned, I don't think we have any right to question the stance taken by any artist. The example of Sunny Leone is well known.

    Movie making is a commercial venture. The actors and actresses are paid accordingly.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As an actor/actress, they follow the needs of the movie project based on what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. The demarcation between a bold scene and a vulgar scene is blurred.

    The perception of such movie artists as good or bad also depends on the audience. In Hollywood, certain scenes and acts are considered ok but the same would be termed as vulgar in India. We have moved on from the tradition restrictions in Indian movie and we should accept. The problem here is the fact that we are used to seeing a particular star in a particular role and dress. When we see them in a role and clothing that we never expected, its shocks us and we find it difficult to come to terms with it.

    As far as the audience goes, we have no authority to dictate terms as to which type of role the actor/actress should accept or deny. It is up to the individual, at the most what is in our hands is to watch the movie or ignore it.

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    At the most restrictions can be there in the form of self restraints only as nobody else can dictate terms to artists as to how they should fare particularly when they are not breaching any law or regulation. They are owners of their own physical bodies and use the same, the way they like within the framework of the law of the land.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Anyone who make a representation of our country to within the boundaries of another countries is always chosen or decided by the country itself. If I make a visit to some another country on a personal choice basis & declare that I am representing my country then it's not the right way to do so. Many tourists visit our country but still they are not representing their country for whatsoever reasons.

    Although the author hasn't mentioned any specific person here but still might be in context to Priyanka Chopra that recently was in news for shooting in Italy for American television series 'Quantico'. With this she has raised to a public figure but there is no way that she or the others are representing our country. The fact is that there is no official announcement from the Government of India.

    I agree with #631460, that " I don't think we have any right to question the stance taken by any artist. Movie making is a commercial venture. The actors and actresses are paid accordingly".

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    Kavita, why should we put the celebrities in a separate bracket? Don't you think our NRIs (not a general statement) are no different? Most of them forget their mother-tongue (at-least for name-sake) and change their dressing patterns. One has to behave like a Roman when in Rome. I don't think there is anything wrong in that. An actor has to satisfy the needs of Hollywood if he/ she needs to settle there. Let us not simplify it as a matter of financial benefit only; it is also an exchange of culture and traditions.
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    Yes all the members who shared their thoughts I appreciate them. They supported their work and also placed their points in a healthy manner .The thoughts shared to this thread are modern and eye openers. The reasons explained also reveals the thought process of these actors playing bold roles .Now I can see both the sides of the Coin where in there is exchange of culture.

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    Once a male or female becomes a actor, they have to keep aside their fear, shyness, ready to all daring scenes and so on. A actor gets fame for their intimate scenes and good chemistry work. Our Indian films are greatly watched by the Hollywood directors and keep tow on those actors who have the potential to work as per their desire. So some actors from Bollywood do get the chance to act there. Once they do so, they has to compromise for some bold scenes to which our censors wont agree. And those who have hard fans of the such actors, do feel perturbed with such behaviour of actors for money. That is going to have negative impact later.
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