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    How are you coping up with the increasing summer weather?

    With the summer heat beginning in right earnest, share tips on the best ways in which you are dealing with it.

    Day by day the weather is changing, seasons are changing and becoming unpredictable.
    Along with that our own tolerance is also coming down.

    After somehow managing for last three years, this year I felt I could not tolerate the heat I feel inside my flat right below the terrace. It is not even April and I am suffering from the burning heat radiated from below the roof.

    That compelled me to buy an Air-conditioner. But that again entails more expense on electricity consumption. Sometimes power supply also is affected.

    There are still two more months to go in the summer season. I am already consuming cool drinks, diluted buttermilk, etc to cope up with the summer.

    Has summer started touching you in your place? How are you coping with it or planning to cope up?
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    Yes this time the summer heat is on increase in the march month itself and still we have bear the brunt for at least two and half months. By 11 am the roads are looking deserted and people are staying indoor. We feel like drinking cool water every time, fruit juices are in much demand. But at the same time the power cuts now and then also bothers us with low voltage problems. It is better to have big trees beside every flats so that the shade of the trees would mitigate the summer heat to much extent. But again we cannot go for every kind of tree as it may damage the buildings. Neem and Mango trees are best options.
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    In my city Lucknow summers are generally more severe. However, it is only beggining. We have started using fans at speed two. Gradually, its speed will increase and finally AC will start functioning.

    As we all know, one of the essential requirement of summers is to balance intake of water. We never take cold water even in summers. Water at normal temperature serves the purpose.

    As far as power cuts are concerned, luckily in my area it is not frequent. Generally, power goes for not more than 15 to 20 minutes that too only infrequently. The inverter operates fans in the meantime which suffices the purpose.

    In the month of May and June, the summers will be at its peak. We will remain confined to our home. It will become challenging to venture out after 10 AM and up to 5 PM or so.

    Heavy food should be avoided in the summers and intake of seasonal fruits should be increased. Nowadays cucumbers are available in the market aplenty which are useful in managing summer's heat.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The summer months are really very difficult as it becomes tough to move out under the scorching sun. In areas having dust and smog the heat is more in the lower atmosphere creating intolerable temperatures.

    There are lots of precautions to be taken during summer and one has to take water and other liquids continuously to maintain the body temperature and compensate for the loss of body fluids by evaporation.

    Due to climatic variations some years may be hotter than others and we must take more precautions during that time.

    Global warming is also affecting the climate in summer and the life is becoming more and more difficult to face these variations.

    Wherever possible we should take shelter under a shade and remain indoors.

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    Like previous year this will go & we will enjoy the rain again.

    So not to think much as we can take care of the same inside our home but in case we have to go out then we will have to face. We have less options here.

    We already had taken the precautions last year & even before & so this time also we need precautions on our end. Try not to go outside in the open & keep the body cool. Have proper intake of water & keep your cooler ready. Help others who need most & keep doing your best.

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    This year the weather forecast is that the summer will be very severe. Already in Hyderabad, the temperature crossed 40 degrees centigrade. Still, we are in March. I don't it may go to very high levels this year. It is better not to get exposed to the hot sun as much as possible. It advisable not to consume cool drinks but having a thin buttermilk with a little salt is the best drink during summer time. Similarly carrying an umbrella when we go out by walk even though to nearby places. Small Kids may get rashes on their tender skin during this summer. So they should always be in a room with air cooler or AC. Don't wear very thick clothes and try to use glasses and hat. As far as I am concerned the main sunny time will be in my office inside the building with AC, I am not feeling the severity. Generally, I don't go outside during the office hours.
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    I belong to Rampura, a suburban area of Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh. Yes, summer started touching in my place also. We are also afraid what will happen in May and June as there is a lot of heat and burning in March. I use cooler to coll my room. I do not have an air conditioner. It is important to be hydrated in the summer season. So to drink water at regular intervals is very important. Also, eat fruit like watermelon for proper hydration of your body. Use of onion and curd is also advisable in the summer season. My children fond of making ice cream in the summer season at home. So, we all enjoy the ice cream also.
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    Summer is a season of India combined with two other rainy and winter seasons .The climatic conditions during this season effect the existence of each other . Summer is followed by rains and rains by winter .We have learnt to cope up with this hot and humid season .The tips suggested by the authors to be followed to maintain our body temperature are useful . Thou Air Conditioners are preferred over Coolers ,you can choose good quality coolers if thinking about the electricity bill . Heat is more during day time .There are certain techniques in which roofing of the house may be done to lower the room temperature like cement roofing etc .When you feel the floor warm mop it with water .Along with the many useful suggestions mentioned ,eating watermelons in Summer can help.

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    Summer is back with a bang in Bangalore, tender coconuts range from 30-40 rupees already(good ones). Many roadside fruit salad, juice and ice cream pushcarts are seen near many streets and roads. Whenever it's too much, I drink a tender coconut or a sugarcane juice while outside. At home, we have already covered the water vessels with a wet cloth. We have a small clay water pot also. It's difficult to sleep until 2-3 am without the fan or air-cooler. Coconut oil to the hairs has become more regular now. I'm concerned about the next couple of months, the heat wave is going to be high in most places, the elderly and the children (who love to play outside) will need particular attention. Already, we have pigeons and crows trying to drink from small puddles of water around the flats.

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