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    BJP and Congress parties contemplating the privacy of citizen's data with third party companies?

    At present a digital war is going on between Congress and BJP regarding the misuse of data of Indian citizens. BJP throwing mud on Congress saying that this party made arrangements with British Analytica Company and sending privacy data of Indian citizens for this company to analyze. In return Congress party made allegation on BJP that this party is collecting privacy details of Indian citizens through NaMo private App and illegally sending these details to third party foreign companies to analyze. NaMo App in this way collected 50 lakhs people details. This NaMo App is collecting 22 details of individuals. At the beginning of introduction of this App it has given the promise of not giving the privacy data of its users to any third party. After this dispute, quickly the BJP changed the NaMo App policy in such a way that the data may be used for analysis but it will not be misused. But Congress party in its App indicated they may give the information to third parties. So do you believe that both BJP and Congress misusing the privacy data of Indian citizens?
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    Ever since people started using smart phones and almost every one has one, there is a increasing interference of political parties and its leaders to use our phone for their ulterior motives. Given the whole some presence of people on the internet, even a small reaction from a leader goes big and viral on the internet. Thus the parties felt wholesome interaction and get the citizens much closer and convert them to their voters. But what ever it may be and data breach. Citizens in India cannot be fooled that much as we have the talent and ability to remember the past of every party as to their corrupt practices and the way they made promises and ran away.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Why to blame the political parties alone? With the advent of the usage of advanced technology, we are habituated to get hooked to our Smart phones as Mr. Mohan has already mentioned. We are associated with one or the other Social sites and we might have shared our information, also the mobile number itself is enough to intrude into our private life. The bank callers and the real-estate business associates and whom not, everyone have already have the details of us. Moreover, the Aadhar linkage of documents at various stages has made more damage. We are all party for that as we submit Aadhar copy for proof of identity or residential purpose and we never hesitate to produce such important documents in a hurry to get our work done. But the same we would question the Government when they make it mandatory to link with our accounts. That's the irony of our action! We always engage discussion on such subjects but when it comes into practice none of us would challenge it when it comes to our own work!

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    This is typical of political parties to find fault with each other, fully knowing that they themselves have broken the rules a few times. When we listen to the election speeches and agenda, many don't practice whatever moral high ground they preach.

    Similarly, with use of social media and data leakage, we would not have heard about it, if not for the facebook scandal/hearing in England. Until this time everyone was keeping quiet, using or misusing the data. Now that it's out in the open, BJP and Congress are involved in a mud-slinging match so that the people are little confused and the fall out will be less. If you read about the testimonies given by the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, the company/ies has been involved in Indian Elections since 2003.

    The saving grace here is that these are not the only people who have misused or have access to our private information, the list is long.

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    Voters are being 'used' as guinea pigs. However, there is nothing new in that. The voters had always been 'used' by the political parties of the modern era and by the erstwhile rulers in the past in the feudal system.

    Entering into digital mode in electoral politics is simply an euphemism for stealing data and strategizing accordingly. We are almost bare despite having donned so many layers of clothings. The 'masters' are watching us. They know even the microscopic details of our habits and behaviour.

    Nothing comes free in this word. We have to pay price for each and every thing. Enjoying use of social media and email services free of cost have taken the toll.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In the latest update, Congress 'hand' emerges in Cambridge Analytica office & the Congress hasn't replied on that.
    Adding, it is already clarified that This got an interference during regional election in India but at the same time & on camera denied on any involvement in National Election.

    This is important as the person being interviewed doesn't concern to any political party here.

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    Whenever we dig deep, the involvement of Congress is coming out. I am personally aghast by the way the grandfather of all parties is playing dirty politics for the lust of power. The party is no longer bothered about the country and the people.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The moment we start using our smartphone and download many apps for various purposes, our privacy has gone. Whenever you try to install a new app on your mobile or a new software on your computer there will be a question to you asking your permission for accessing your phone/computer. You have to OK it. Otherwise, the action will not be completed. This indicates your acceptance is there for that. So there is every chance for all the parties to get your personal details. I don't know whether they misuse or not. But they will have the data with them. Added to that the linking Aadhaar for any small issue also will create problems. Earlier days, if you have 3 or 4 bank accounts also, there is no chance to find out. But now once they type your PAN card number, the total information about your bank accounts and bank balance will come. So where is the privacy these days? It is common in politics to blame each other. But finally, the citizen is the scapegoat and all politicians will be happy. All of them will sail in the same boat only.
    always confident

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