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    Should people ask for blessings from strangers?

    We often come across postings in the social media Facebook in which people write that 'today is birthday of my daughter (or granddaughter), please bless her'. On coming across such messages, I simply ignore them as I personally don't know the person concerned.

    However, this creates a piquant situation which compels us to think as to whether to express our good wishes only if we know the individual personally?

    What are your opinion in this regard? Should we go on saying 'happy birthday' to all and sundry even without knowing them personally or discretion should be used in such cases?

    Also, sometimes we come across posts with a photograph of some brave soldier heavily bleeding or injured requesting people to offer comment or like the post.

    Let us discuss.
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    No, we should not ask for blessings from strangers. Such meaningless gesture has no significance. Even if such blessing is given, it is only a mechanical and thoughtless exercise, nothing very significant.

    Blessings must be sought with respect and must be given with real good wishes behind such blessings.

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    Just count on the benefits & still if you do feel that's it's ok then go ahead & make a wish.

    I find no objection but in the contrary feel good that something good has been added to my list. Imagine that some else make a wish for you whom you are not aware of. For sure you will make feel good within yourself.

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    I feel there is nothing wrong in asking for blessings from a stranger. You are not asking a person whom you don't know. He may be a person known to us through social media. Otherwise, how can we see his post?
    If you go to a temple the priest in the temple may bless you. But we don't know him personally. What is wrong in thst.
    There is a saying in Telugu which means if many people say a word it will become a reality. If many people are wishing you a good life definitely you will have that. So we can say go luck or best wishes to the people who are asking for? if we are not interested we need not ask for. But we can extend the wishes to people who ask. It will be a nice gesture from our side. The other person will also feel happy if he getting best wishes from many people.

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    Generally, I wish the people to whom I know otherwise I do not wish them. I also wish the person which are relatives of my known people. I do not wish the strange people. But I do not find anything wrong to wish or bless the strange people.
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    As long as you are a elder and has the passion to cope up with others, mingle and exchange pleasantries, even conveying best wishes to strangers wont give bad impression. By the way you are connected to the social media through one of your known friend and through them others join the group or the band wagon. So such type of messages do come and elicit our best wishes. Nothing wrong to say some good words and that would be surely reciprocated by the strangers too. Everyone likes good messages, soothing messages, well wishes, because we want to build our relations, friendship and live with harmony.
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    Traditionally in the old days where honour, honesty and traditional family values were religious practised by all, this concept of seeking blessings from strangers who are older than us would work or would be appropriate.

    But in today's world, most of us don't even know who our neighbours are, there are reports of atrocities committed by neighbours on children and women in the absence of menfolk. If this is the case, one should be very careful in sharing details or seeking wishes on social media. Exceptions would be a college or school batch, relatives or friends what's app groups and FB.

    With regards to pictures of soldiers or martyrs being used to gain more likes should be discouraged. It would be an embarrassment to the family of those soldiers to see that their loved one's picture is being used by some stranger to increasing his or her likes numbers.

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