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    Have a fortune bell ringing at home

    Fortune bells are considered to bring a great fortune according to Chinese Feng Shui. If the bells are hung at home it brings health, wealth and prosperity and also brings in positivity. There won't be any negative vibes or evil spirit at home. These days, fortune bells are on trend in India too. Many Indians find interest in these bells and have them hung near the door. Some people believe it while others buy it just because they get attracted to it and to give to attractive look at the entrance of their house. You believe in feng shui or no but it is nice to have one fortune bell at home.

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    The Fortune Bell is a Feng Shui tool which is easy to use. It is believed that it enhances the flow of good 'chi' throughout the home. One has to simply hang it in the house. They produce metal tones which wards off evil spirits and harmful forces and brings wealth and prosperity.

    Similarly, the wind chimes are also believed to ward off evil spirits. They are hung in gardens, courtyards and porticoes where movement of wind make them to tinkle and thus produce positive energy.

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    I don't know whether I have to call it a fortune bell or not when I had been to China I purchased one bell there and my wife kept in our showcase in our living room. Similarly, we have a metal bell in our puja room. It will be used during Pooja on some special days. Even though I perform Puja every day, I don't use it every day. But it will be in the Pooja room and kept near all other puja accessories. But what I know is that making the sound while offering Prasadam to God is an important aspect many people perform during pooja.
    I hope this fortune bell entry will bring fortune in the form of an award to the author. I wish her all the best in the contest.

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    I have seen in many homes, they have hung the bells which gives good chimes when it moves with the air and thus give positive vibes to the mind. In old village houses, the main door would have lots of bells attached to it. Why because, in those days each house would be big and elaborate in every detail and one should not have bad eye about that and thus those bells serve as the blocker to such evil thinking. And the children would have gala time playing with those bells as it would be a passing time for them. Moreover it serves as the calling bell those days as any person would shake those bells to garner attention.
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    Anything good for our home and family will be done by most of us. For such things, I personally feel that we should not discuss logic and proof etc. If something appeals to you, it makes you happy by all means keep these small bells, that have a very soothing light melody, a little more than the wind chimes. If you believe in it, it becomes a lucky mascot, if you are skeptical it becomes another piece of home decor.

    I've seen people keep the Arowana fish in the living room, prominently displaces because it is believed to bring in success and wealth. These fishes are expensive, up to Rs 75,000.

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