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    How Come That We Too Are A "Salesman"?

    We often have referred "Salesman" to the individual who is selling goods & services as well as the ideas of a Company or a Firm to the customer. So in this context or may be unknowingly we all in someway represents ourselves as a "Sales Person" or doing the job of a "Sales Person". Take an instance that while Interview & during the time that we got selected & the time we are on the floor, the whole time we busy arranging ourselves to the company. With our performance we present to the company that we are worth the profile & that we still learning & would be productive in the future as well. The same is the case here when we are with our friends or family or being with someone we don't know yet.

    In the current forum also, the editor keeps supporting us with a promise that if we cotribute good discussions than we would be appreaciated & again in the same way we all the participants using our efforts & ideas to contribute & compete with each other while at the same time improve in order to prove our presence.

    So you are a salesman too & this continues since our childhood days to our last breath.
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    It becomes quite simple if we consider the philosophy of 'give and take' instead of dissecting the 'customer-sales person' relationship. The whole world is thriving on the principle of 'give and take'.

    Nothing is available free of cost. We have to pay price of each and every thing which we intend to possess. Even the love and affection of a mother for her baby is not selfless. A father takes care of his children to see them to succeed in life. Spouses love each other and get the gesture reciprocated.

    Sales doesn't mean exchanging something in return of money only. Earlier there was system of barter in which products or services used to be exchanged with other products or services without use of money.

    We can stand to gain a lot only by radiating a warm smile.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The entire life itself is a business. If you go to a temple you say I will give 50% of my profits if you bless me with profits. The sharing of profits is a business. In a business salesman is an integral part. without salesman, the product selling will be difficult. In the company, the Chairman will be the first salesman. Even going to office and working is nothing but selling our time for the company to get us the salary. Nothing in this world will come to us free of cost. So whatever we do is a business and everyone is a salesman. I agree.
    #631524. A good narration. But I don't understand how the love and affection of a mother to her child is selfish. The author might have explained in detail to make us understand that is also a selfish act. What will she gain by showing love towards her kids? A point which needs more justification.

    always confident

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    #631532 - An extreme point of view though it may seem but the fact remains that a mother painstakingly takes care of her baby to ensure it's survival. Thus the selfishness involved is the carving for survival of the baby.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In ISC also we show case the ideas which is equivalent to selling a product or offering a service. If our idea of creating a good thread goes into the minds of the respondents or the members of this site, we are the instant winners. That means we could able to convey the right thing. Because a good sales man gets the success only if he conveys rightly and the benefits to the user. Same way when we come up with a topic or discussion , the more the details we append in the forum would be the great way to understand and respond. Even one response to a thread is enough to showcase that you are the best salesman of the ISC.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We can explain the issue in a different manner. We, the Members, try to produce good Forum post for chocolates worth Rs. 5/- or Rs.10/-. We are like small children who complete the homework for chocolates.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Never undermine small coins or rupees of five or ten. During my childhood days, when elders offered us big note currencies , we rejected it and accepted only coins which were known and dear to us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We cannot link the thread of 'salesman' to the forum editors or other editors in ISC, because the big difference is nobody from ISC wanted you or me to contribute or even join ISC. ISC never put forth a 'sales pitch' for us to join and write.

    This can be interpreted in many ways. On a general note, most of us are doing the job of a salesperson. In our daily life after from our professional hours, we do keep sharing our experiences with friends, family members or relatives. For instances, we recommend our doctor to others, our favourite restaurant or movie etc. If you see it with a marketing perspective, many times what we advise is basically a 'sales pitch' that a salesperson employs. We also refer people to certain refer a friend program to get our bonus.

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    In reference to what Mr. Natarajan has clarified for, I would like to make further addition here.

    The ISC is offering points as well as few bucks as per the quality of contents. This is as per me to keep the interest & the attraction to go on along with increase in the participation of other fellow members as well. In addition, I don't feel they are into social welfare schemes but purely into business.

    In case their expectations remains nothing from the members then we are on a different pitch but as of now this is not the case. Concluding, that ISC is actively involved in their response to our submissions wherein this also involved in improving the methodology of the overall process makes this also in front of the selling part.

    So I want the author to make a note on the above & put his ideas.

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    In shops we can see that they offer 50 percent discounts and offers which is used as the marketing trick to attract customers. This is purely business and they have no intend to do any social actiivities. What ever we see around the world is full of having business minds and only few people can understand the value of other people who are extremely difficult to find any jobs. Such helping minds can make a life's person more beautiful one.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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