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    What is better in your opinion - to be fake somebody or a real nobody?

    I agree that the question raised is not an easy one, particularly when we have to record the answer in a public forum. The odds are like this - if we choose to become honest like Harishchandra i.e. to be a real nobody, then we will have to die an unsung death. On the other hand opting for living as a fake somebody will enable us to enjoy a prolific life.

    All advertisements are selling products by making false promises and we are buying the same despite knowing the realities. Is it not true that sometimes we flash a fake smile just to turn something to our favor?

    What is better in your opinion - to be a fake sombody or a real nobody?
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    A real nobody is an answer from my side. It is always better to be a low profile person following all the ethics and norms of the life thinking big and trying to boost yourself as a big man. Every person on the earth will have his life as designed. We think we can do everything and we can shape our lives as we think. But we can't change our destiny. So go on doing your duties and try to have a peaceful life It is the best way I think.
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    This will completely be depending on our choices of the type of life that we want to live in the present as well as in the future.

    Either we will be on spiritual side or else would be professional way. Practically these can't be balanced by keeping both at once. Like as we say that "Honesty Is The Best Policy" but doesn't work in real life scenario. Although this the adoption may lead to improving your image but can't give you more money. So keeping this the company goes on changing the business practices & therefore changing the brand accordingly. The Colgate never talked about the VED SHAKTI but now as the market trend has shifted in a different way so now they are showing as if they are proud of Indian heritage.

    So in my opinion we need to have the attitude of diplomacy & not going against of anyone so to keep everyone happy.

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    I would disagree with the author on 'real nobody' Everyone is a somebody with a purpose in life. Be it fulfilling the role of a father, mother, sister or discharging our duties as an officer, cook, housekeeping assistant, we all have some role to play in this society during our lives. The only difference is some of us will be noticed easily and some would be hidden away from the limelight. Yes, some do try and change the way they are perceived to become an important somebody. Here, by unfair means, they achieve materialistic success (wealth, power, fame) which is really just temporary. I would say we have to be our aim to be a 'true somebody' ( a sincere teacher, an upright police officer, an honest politician), so that someone, somewhere is benefitted and not harmed by our actions and words.

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    For me it is neither real no body or fake some body but self body. That means live on own actions, thinking and behaviour without aping any one. When Rajnikanth made foray into the Tamil films and for his action of flipping the cigarette and tossing into his mouth was the best action every youth want to follow, but many failed to that action even today and for which he has become the super star of the South. That was self body to show case that talent and every one liked it. Like wise we must have our own way of working and establishing a style statement which others should follow.
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    We have to admit that in our day to day life we come across many people who fake. Even at our workplace, many colleagues pretend that they are working sincerely but actually they laugh in their sleeves on hard working individuals. People sell themselves by bragging about their achievement to fetch few brownie points within their own social circle.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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