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    Mind bell should ring when needed

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    Sometimes it happens that during tough and pressure situations in life our mind becomes blank on reacting to situations. Our presence of mind and common sense simply does not click on the spur of the moment. But after the pressure situation eases our mind again starts working and we tend to repent thinking that I should have said this or done that. Hence we can say that "Bell" of our mind sometimes fails to ring when really required under tight circumstances. It can be said that for the people whose mind bell rings at the right moment of time when the situation really demands tend to face less inconvenience and get positive outcomes of their effort.
    We can see many examples from the life as below where sometimes mind bell fails to ring at the crunch times causing inconvenience and failure.

    A student studies hard but gets nervous and fails to solve a problem in the exams. But he is able to do it after the exams. While the other student who studied less but remained calm was able to solve the problem in exams.

    In cricket, a batsman is batting under pressure situation gets run out unnecessarily during a crunch time by committing a blunder mistake.

    A candidate facing interview though well prepared is not able to answer the question properly at that moment of time and his mind goes blank and short of ideas.

    Sometimes during the conversation with people or during meetings a person is unable to recall right questions to be asked in response to the conversation. But later lot of things come to his mind as to questions that should have been asked.

    Sometimes in hurry mind loses stability and we tend to forget things we need to do or items we need to buy.

    Hence it is essential to make our mind bell ring at the right time to avoid inconvenience. Sometimes people who are able to ring their mind bell timely tend to be more successful.
    The only way we can make our mind bell ring at the right moment is by keeping our mind calm and not overloading it. This allows mind some space to apply common sense and presence of mind as per the situation.

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    A timely hint from the mind to solve our problems is the best one can expect.Whatever may be the condition our mind will always be working on something or other. Basing n our thinking capacity we will some good solutions to problems immediately. But some problems it may take some time. A person who is under tension and pressure may not think properly or may not ger proper indications. So it always better not to get tensed or pressurised whatever may be the situation. Some people will not get tensioned under difficult conditions also. Those people can get better ideas from his mind. It is not the mind that is not giving us the ideas, it is we who are not making our mind to think by making it occupied with unnecessary thoughts.
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    Yes every one would confront with the situations some times when our mind goes blank and suddenly a idea strikes to get out of the situation and that is well said as mind bell.
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    I think, what the author means to convey is the ringing of mind bells, that would make us alert to the situation and respond accordingly. For most of us, this happens but it keeps ringing so much that we become anxious or develop a fear. For instance, stage fear, fear of exams, the anxiety of not performing well in interviews, batsmen in do or die situations in the last overs etc.
    So, the bells are ringing, we need to learn to use this in a positive manner by being alert, being aware of the circumstances and reacting in a calm manner so that instead of committing blunders we perform well. If we nurture the habit of keeping focus and relaxing with simple medication techniques, these bells would be most useful.

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