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    What is your take on 'fancy' numbers?

    Nowadays any business of big or small, their first thing to think for publicity is their contact number and mostly mobile number or sometimes even landline number with the fancy sequence. The mobile number means they have two sets of same five numbers; if landline means all the digits of the number are of same.

    The craze of fancy numbers may be seen even among individuals and they will choose such that there may be some repetition, palindrome set with some digits etc., It may be good to see but while using there may be chances of committing mistakes by others, though mostly it is called from the saved contacts. But sometime, we may have to use it in various forms to be filled in or referring to others or sometimes calling via landline etc., Most of the time when we look at the digits and do, there will be a mistake done at least once. Have you ever experience something with this kind of fancy numbers.

    Members even come up with interesting experiences too apart from any difficulties faced with these numbers. Today I have suffered like anything when I call a fancy number via landline though I called this number frequently via mobile phone.
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    The businesses comes up with new strategies with a motive to target customers & in between attract the customers to company's various schemes in order to generate more revenue. So the fancy names is a strategy that might gain few customers to a company.

    Long time back the Indus Bank had initiated a scheme in which the customer was facilitated to choose his or her own preference account number. In India many think their lucky number so in that case this might prove healthy to customer relationship also. This also is the case with the telecom companies that they are offering the numbers of customer's choice.

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    Well fancy numbers are having great importance in some and some would go to the extent of having fancy number of their choice. For example in old city of Hyderabad, the people are fond of numbers ending with 786. Suppose you are selling your two wheeler and if that happens to have the fancy of number of 786, say 2786, 5786 or 9786, the vehicle would fetch more than you expected. Like wise some have the liking for 9 number as their vehicle registration number would have all nines for that they are ready to spend lakhs of rupees. But I feel such craze would fetch nothing but some satisfaction having a known number.
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    Fancy numbers for mobiles, vehicles are most sought after in India. It is the catchy rhyming tune while we say it or the attraction of repetitive numbers in sequence. It's easy to tell others and easy to remember because of their unique combination. For vehicles, it is a symbol of wealth or status to have a single digit number for car plates.

    Most of us would have seen numbers like '8005' printed as 'BOSS', the last numbers 007 printed a little away in the number plate or 1,2 or 3 in a very big font. In some places, these fancy numbers for vehicles in a big business and people pay a huge premium to get their choice.Some individuals calculate the total and then choose their lucky or favorable number.

    For me, it's ok to have such fancy numbers as long as we don't break rules and regulations (like the big print numbers on car plate etc). If someone can afford it, it's like a luxury, why not have it and flaunt it?

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    Many people like to have fancy numbers for their vehicles and phones. I know many people who spend a good amount of money to get the desired number for their vehicle. The RTO also will allow these fancy numbers to the vehicle owner's if they are ready to pay the required money as per the rules and regulations. Personally, I never tried for this. So far I have changed almost 6 cars and whenever I purchased a new car I am happy with whatever number is given. I never paid any additional money for this. I find it not worth. Of course the beliefs changes. Some may go for their lucky number and some may go for a number which can be remembered easily. I don't whether really if we take a lucky number or fancy number our fortune will get changed.
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    Nowadays the concept of a 'Phoneword' is gaining popularity. It is an alphanumeric translation of the phone numbers e.g. phone number 8080HOTEL is advertised and for dialling the said number actually one will have to dia 808046835.

    On our dialling pad, we see alphabets are written on keypads besides numbers like as follows -
    2-ABC, 3-DEF, 4-GHI, 5-JKL, 6-MNO, 7-PQRS, 8-TUV, 9-WXYZ.

    For dialling the number 8080HOTEL, one has to dial 8080 followed by dialling the numbers corresponding to the alphabets H, O, T, E, L i.e. 46835.

    Phone words are used for advertising and marketing purposes. Few examples of eye catching phone words are - 8888HUNGRY for food industry, 8893FASHION for fashion industry and 998SUPPORT for services.

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    Nice @Kailash, this is really catchy and I really appreciate this kind of thought, though they do only for promotion instead of any negative.
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    Many people like to have fancy numbers for their vehicles and phones. I like the fancy number but free of cost. It is not good to pay extra money for fancy numbers. Without paying even you may get good numbers. I got my vehicle no. 4333.
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    What @Natarajan said about this number 8005 (BOSS), recently I have read in a news article that one has to obtain permission from RTO for this kind of writing. I do not know whether it is for the number or for some, people used to write something on the number plate.

    In fact very long ago, when I was active here, we had some interesting discussion on this kind of writing like BOSS, UK(for Uttarakhand), UP(Utter Pradesh). Now there are many interesting things (guess!) comes in various social portals for Telengana State vehicle registration (TS). Any takers!

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Some people are too crazy for fancy numbers and they will pay even some premium to obtain them. They may get some conveniences out of that as the number may look impressive or people may be impressed by that number. There are people who have faith in lucky numbers and will try to get those numbers or sequences at any cost.

    It is also surprising that there are some vehicle numbers in RTO office which sell for huge amounts. It seems it is official to sell them and earn revenue for the Govt.

    This craze of numbers is not only prevalent in our country but exists in the whole world. I do not know what is the human psychology involved in that but some people have blind faith in such things and they will try to get the number of their choice whether it is mobile or house or lottery ticket etc.

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    Although I don't believe in numerology, I do have some favourite numbers. But I am not that crazy to pay astronomical sums to get those numbers on my telephone, mobile or in my personal car. I don't have that financial capability also.
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    The kind of numbers discussed above are definitely attractive and create amusement among people reading them .Hence people many times remember these numbers without noting them somewhere .Phone numbers made up of repeated numbers for companies are called special numbers. These are usually toll free numbers which are easy to remember and hence attract people to call .Companies find such numbers useful to get more enquiries and hence more customers. Only some of us might be knowing the companies pay more amount for such numbers to Telecom companies. Even we choose a 10 digits mobile number which is easy to remember or have attractive sequence of numbers .Some years back particular sequence of numbers were referred as V.I.P numbers generally having set of repeated numbers such as mobile numbers with more zeroes or triplets of numbers,e.g 555 ,777 in middle or at the end .

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    Nice to have more inputs on Fancy numbers and to continue my question along with @Partha's response, there are many theories for this TS registration for Telengana State against the suggestion of Central Government suggestion of TG and mostly it is said it is based on Numerology.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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