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    Our Contribution Since Last One Year...

    Within this Forum & in context to many other platforms, I have noticed that the participants are excited with reference to their involvement in encouraging the welfare activities around themselves. But in continuance that how often we have compared those with the actual implementation that we have initiated with our efforts only. Each year we take a pledge but according to me, the changes might be so small in its size that the same couldn't get noticed.

    A few years back we had a set of resources that were carried forward by our previous generation. The same thing happened even previous times also & same is the case with us. But the overall situation is not improving. I hope that you will agree with me. So if this remains the case then in what way & to what extent or level these need to be implemented?

    It's just during the recent times that the situations got worse, that water resources have been reduced, air has more poisonous elements in it, the vegetation has gone down etc. Nature has reacted to these as the climatic conditions remain not good & most probably unexpected.

    So we are left with the challenge ahead in the form of scarcity throughout.
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    The law of diminishing returns started appearing in every aspect of the life and happening. The weather is not keeping its schedule and mixed weather in a day could be experienced some times. In garb of getting quick money , traders indulge to make kaccha fruit to riped one. the ground water has been depleting fast and many borewell started going dry, the air we breathe has become toxic with mixture of unwanted smoke and other chemicals from Industrial pollution and vehicle pollution. Still we are coping up with difficulties and we must appreciate those who travel vastly unmindful of these draw backs daily.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    All these are due to the greedy nature of a human being. The human being is developing a never-ending desire towards comforts and wealth. Both are dangerous. A person should have a desire and he should have an ambition but it should not go to the level of greed. This only will start creating all the problems.
    There is no concern for the environment these days for many of us. We abuse the environment. We never worry about the carbonaceous gases that are being released by us into the atmosphere. We don't bother about the fluorocarbons we use for our comforts.
    We waste water. We don't count the quantity of water we waste. We purchase a bottle of water and consume half of it and leave the remaining as we feel it is not worth carrying. But we should remember the difficulties some people are facing to have a glass of drinking water.

    always confident

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