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    Be cautious : When you start the car, see for any dogs resting for shade.

    This is the summer time and like human beings , dogs are also searching for shades to rest and sleep. Normally the parked cars in the cellar or on the road side are the best places for the dogs to rest without any disturbance. If a dog is beneath the car, other dogs cannot attack it nor chase it. Moreover it would give enough peace and shade from hot sun. Therefore when ever you take out a car and before starting it, look out beneath if any pets or dogs are resting for shade. There are every chance of dog being run over by mistake
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    Good One.

    We often have ignored this but it's good to have a look beneath your vehicle. It is sad that there are hardly any space have left for them as everywhere we are occupying the grounds. In the coming days there would be a lot more scenarios as the heat will have its impact during noon times.

    Thanking author for this valuable idea & submission of thought.

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    It is a very common issue in our area. We park one car outside of the house and one car in the portico. The street dogs will go and sleep under the car which was kept outsides. Sometimes more than one dog will be sleeping under the car. Whenever we go and want to take the car it has become a practice to see under the car and see that the dogs will come out and then we will start the car. In summer these incidents will become more as they can't sleep outside in the open area. If they go under the car they will have some shelter to sleep. So we should take care of these animals and then only take out the cars.
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    Perhaps the car manufacturers will develop a system for cars in India using which one can shoo off street dogs resting below parked cars during summers.

    We have street dogs problem as well as parking problems in India. Almost half of the roads are encroached by cars parked on either sides in the market area.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There would stray dogs or cats lying in the shade beneath the cars to escape the summer heat. Most of them would retreat with the sounds of the footsteps, doors and the engine starting. In some places where summer is intense (eg: Australia) snakes get into gardens to escape the heat too.

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    In the summer months, the stray dogs lie under the cars. But most of the time, they get out whenever the driver enters the car, due to the vibration/jerking. Furthermore, to be doubly sure, the driver must blow the horn once or twice before starting to drive the car.
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