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    Is Right to Information (RTI) Act is facing severe constraints under Political clout

    RTI Act was enacted in Indian Parliament and was come into force from 2005. RTI Act was thought to be a weapon for common man, media and political parties to bring out the corruption activities hide under the carpet by governing bodies. Media opines the RTI rule is very much diluted during BJP terms rule. Central Information Commission's (CIC) indicated that there is a decline in access to RTI in comparision to previous regime of government. CIC strongly condemned the govt. and it by showing Section 8th of RTI Act, government protecting corruption. CIC also commented that for denying information why can't there a provision be included in the Act such that the government has to pay a penalty for not providing information. CIC strongly condemned the various type of quarries bringing by government departments as a constraint to get the information in so many cases. In some cases CIC ordered the government to allow the petitioners to get access to the information. Ex:-RTI filed on Archaelogical Survey Department. Up to 23rd October of last year 2 lakhs RTI Applications are under pending state. In Up and Chattisghar the petitions were under pending for more than 1.5 years. According to RTI rule within one month of the petition, they have to provide information to the petitioner. All the departments of government working against the RTI rule and trying to dilute it. The government now in a mood to revise the RTI ACT and all media in their editorials pronouncing that the BJP government heading towards to dilute the RTI Act. RTI Act is really a strong weapon in the hands of common man to resist against corruption and why a party whose major concerned is to eradicate corruption from Public life is moving in the wrong direction?
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    Yes the common man is being silenced with so much questions being asked when we approach to register an RTI. Firstly they are weighing whether we come from the opposition party side and what is the specific interest to have such information. Normally every department is duty bound to hoist all the details in their web site itself. But many are not maintaining and updating their web sites for the reasons better known to them. So that pressurise us to go for RTI application where they ask so many questions to dilute our interest to obtain the right information. It seems the RTI act would be buried.
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    I don't know whether anyone got any benefit from this RTI act? Many government officials told me that it only increased their workload but there is no gain. I don't know the facts. Maybe I am ignorant in this aspect. So far in any channel or newspapers, I never read about some facts which were come out because of somebody getting information through RTI.
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    RTI Act helped so many individuals to know the necessary information what they could not get other wise is a mighty weapon for common man to know exactly whether he got the justice or get cheated. This will help the individuals to satisfy their inner conscience. Some of the major scams which are unraveled through RTI Act only-The Adarsh Housing Scam, 2 G Scam,. Common Wealth Games-Diversion of Dalit Funds, Indian Red Cross society scam Anil Agarwall's Vedanta University scam, Public Distribution system scam in Assam etc. Opposition parties, social organizations, Human Rights Associations, Common man are fully utilizing this Act to fight against corruption and to fight against the lethargic activities of the governing bodies. As common citizen talking against this beautiful weapon means simply we are blinding our self our eyes.

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    "Is Right to Information (RTI) Act is facing severe constraints under Political clout''-This particular statement has no meaning. The Act has been passed by both Houses of the Parliament. It can't be diluted. The author of this thread has unfortunately fallen into the trap of continuous, unabated anti-Government propaganda. Or is he willingly propagating the propaganda?

    In actuality, the exclusivity clause of RTI Act, 2005 is being strictly implemented. There is no proposal of 'diluting' the Act.

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    Here one can have the condition of RTI Act present condition:-1.

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    As I suspected! The Wire, Indian Express and The Tribune are in the forefront of anti-Government propaganda.

    Without going into an argument (as I have been planning to write answers to AE questions now) I would simply say that as a Government Officer, I haven't seen any Gazette Notification regarding amendment/change of RTI Act, 2005. So, what this thread is trying to discuss, is nothing but propaganda.

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    Eenadu is the most popular and highly Circulated Telugu Daily of Telugu States of A.P. and Telangana. Its Publisher Mr. Ramoji Rao (Ramoji Film City owner) who started this daily News paper openly announced in the past our paper is for ever anti Congress. Mr.Ramoji Rao is an ardent lover of Mr.Modi and Swacch Bharat, in Yesterday's editorial page gave some of the above information What I put in my thread above in my own words. So even BJP strong followers are also talking against to bring the real facts is quite astonishing. If media talks for BJP are democrats and talks against are undemocratic is simply a laughable comment.

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    There is no question of 'democratic'/'undemocratic'. I simply said that as there is no Gazette Notification in this regard, the author should not speculate unnecessarily. Why do intelligent people fall for anti-national propaganda?
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    The Right to Information Act, 2005(RTI) benefited me personally on two occasions in getting my GPF dues from the Accountant General Office. The RTI is a very useful tool for getting information from the government which is not possible otherwise. A good number of scams came out due to the RTI act. The Government should create more awareness about this act to the public.
    The Prime Minister's office is guilty of not providing the necessary information sought under RTI on many occasions. The Central Information Commission has ordered the PMO many times to provide timely information instead of delaying and forwarding the complaints to other departments which are not connected with the information sought. In the case of the bills for the Prime Ministers foreign tours by Air India, the government itself ordered the Air India not to disclose the information sought under RTI. The information sought regarding the private persons taken by the Prime Minister on his foreign tours was also declined. The CIC has to order the PMO to disclose the information. On many occasions, this is happening. In the proposed amendments to the RTI by the present government, some are diluting the effectiveness of this act. One amendment regarding the appeal is draconian in nature. This government neither accepts it's faults nor allow them to be made public.

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    During my service period, I was looking after RTI related work at HQ of my organisation which was a Government of India department. Thus I have got enough exposure to RTI work.

    Based on my experience, I can say that the RTI Act is very helpful to the public members at large. Innumerable persons have got benefitted by this Act directly or indirectly.

    However, there are flip sides of RTI Act also the most notable being pendency of so many cases at appeal level as in the case of pending court cases.

    In lighter vein, it can be said the RTI Act has produced a Chief Minister of Delhi.

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    RTI in the true sense is a valuable tool when used appropriately by people who have the aim of abolishing the social and political evils that plague our country including corruption, shady deals, transfers, public fund use etc.

    If we see practically, the already burdened official machinery would be further stretched with many requests of RTI.We need now the number of frivolous and personal agenda/vendetta based RTIs and find a way to weed these out. Even opposition parties can use this to get the truth if the government's claims and action do not match.

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