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    Let us congratulate ISRO.

    My congratulations to ISRO. Yesterday they sent one more satellite successfully into the orbit. It is the latest communication satellite called GSAT-6A. This satellite will improve the communication facilities all over India. Even at times of natural calamities and the communications towers fails also this satellite will make the cell phones working. The launch has taken place as exactly predicted without any deviation. The GSLV facility is used for this. Another important point to note is the third stage cryogenic motor used is an indigenous one made by SHAR Sriharikota AP. The Director of ISRO says this is like a trial conducted for their next Chandrayan and the success of this launching brought l lot of hope for the ISRO for their Chandrayan 2 experiment. I hope you all will join me in congratulating ISRO.
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    Congrats to ISRO team of Scientists who made our country proud by successfully launching GSAT-6A sattelite which will certainly improve the communication facilities all over India. Especially this satellite would give the helping hand to the mobile companies for easy transfer of high quality video and images with greater details, By this achievement, Indian Scientists have once more proved themselves that they are second to none in terms of space programs of high order and even the so called developed countries are pondering over our supremacy without flaws in the space launching since the recent past.
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    ISRO has reached such high level of competence that this is being treated as a small achievement! However, this communication satellite would further improve the telecommunication network of the country.

    Congratulations to the silent but great scientists and engineers of ISRO.

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    India is a great country. On one hand we are able to touch the frontiers of science and technology like in the case of space technology, ISRO has made remarkable progress but at the same time we are still struggling with the issues like defecation in open.

    There is a unique feature in ISRO recruitment in the sense that there is no caste based reservations in recruitment of engineers is in the fields of Electronics, Mechanical and Computer Science though , a few seats are reserved for handicapped (OH,HH and VH). However, for other branches like Civil and Electrical there are caste based reservations.

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    ISRO is steadily achieving success after success, great to hear about the launch of another satellite with an indigenous third stage cryogenic motor. Looks like we have a good success rate, can ISRO be used to launch satellites of other countries on a regular basis and generate much-needed revenue that be can be pumped back into sustaining research and development of space activities. In this way, I feel the quality of work and ISROs growth would be ensured.

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    Congrats to Indian space research organisation (ISRO) team who made this country proud by successfully launching GSAT-6A sattelite and many other satellites in the past. ISRO is doing a good job.
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    After the launch of the GSAT-6A satellite on 29th March, ISRO has lost contact with it on 1st April. Among space programs run by various countries, such setbacks are acceptable. Luckily the rocket and the cryogenic engine have worked fine so far in the launch, it's just the satellite has been 'lost in contact.'

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    I am sure that this small failure would make the scientists and engineers of ISRO more determined and more hungry for much greater success.
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    Poor signal, Signal break, and lost packets in transmission signals are always a concern in these modern days especially in mobile network what this ISRO achieved why we need to congratulate and what for we have to congratulate I don't know.Why this post raised what author will get posting this I am completely unaware......
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    It is a matter of great proud for all of us that we are progressing ahead very satisfactorily in the area of satellite launching and satellite communication. ISRO is the nodal organisation in this respect and the team spirit and good work of all the scientists and supporting staff there is really praiseworthy.
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    Sometimes some small problems will come. For that, we go back to motivate the people development will not be there. ISRO is the premier Organisation doing a lot of developmental activities and earning a lot of foreign exchange to the country. We should be proud for that.
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    #632708@Bushan, sorry my addition was not to criticise the failure.
    This was just an update. For a few years, ISRO has had only 2 set backs so far which is a good track record. A lot of activity is planned this year including the Chandrayan-2, initially it was for this month, april now it's likely to be in October.

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