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    Create your own Analytics at ISC through "My threads page" of yours and gauge performance.

    Have you ever visited your previous threads that were raised and responded by the members. Some of the threads have been ably responded and some might have gone missing the attention of the members. Have you ever visited the "My threads" page and reviewed the performance of your own and gauged as to how you stand visa vis raising a thread and getting replies thereof. This exercise may prove to be self probing and also guide as to what threads are most trending and most accepted in the forum.
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    Generally, I do that once in a while. Whenever I get a little free time, I open my threads and see how many of the threads were well answeres and how many missed the attention. Sometimes when I feel that the thread raised by me is a best one, the response to that particular thread may be very meagre. But some threads which I never rank as good will get very high responses. So I couldn't make out any trend. However, we can get good statistics like on average how many people are responding and how many threads we are raising on average can be seen. Anyhow as mentioned by the author we can understand the interests of the members by seeing the responses.
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    Everyday I visit my old posts, especially my Forum posts, Articles and Information Updates. It gives me satisfaction and inspires me to try to write better. I always find at least one or two mistakes in my old posts and try not to repeat these mistakes.
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    yes, I do visit my previous post and see the responses of the members. It gives me satisfaction and I came to know how many members responded. I also read the responses of the members and it improve my knowledge on different topics.
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    I often visit the 'Show By Status-New Submissions, Pending, Deleted, Approved, My Threads, My Answers, Un Answered' area for accessing information about fate of threads raised by me as well as by fellow authors.

    The 'Deleted' section is perhaps most educative in nature. Often, by virtue of our experience we are able to gauge the possible fate of our new threads i.e. it's potential to get dumped into the forum section.

    As pointed by other authors also, there is no fixed trend and the success or otherwise of any thread cannot be predicted. Thus strictly speaking there is no 'analytics' involved as such in it's literal sense for predicting success or otherwise of any particular thread.

    Sometimes techniques (or tactics) work when authors revive their thread by posting some response on their own threads in absense of any response from others.

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    I do often visit my threads page and just see the frequency of the posts, the number of replies and the ones that have an emoticon or a cc given. We have earlier discussed that the number of replies necessarily doesn't mean or reflect the quality of the thread, hence we cannot judge how good or bad our thread was. If a member has been consistently getting cc then it would reflect on the quality and hence the performance of that member.

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    Many a time I have gone through my old threads and there are many reactions within me with more responses from others. Similarly, I have gone through other threads where I have responded and felt bad if nothing below is commented or responded, whether at least the author had read it or not if not others.
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    Thanks @Mohan's this thread as I have the opportunity to say my analytics when I have gone to my alert page today and could see there is a favourite date(Palindrome) in awarding me the badge Creative that is to say, the date is 12th July 2017 and in the Palindrome format of some part of the world it may be written as 7/12/17 and I really wonderstruck to see that today.
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    Thanks Saroja , my reason to start this thread has been achieved and you could locate the badge and felt happy.
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