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    What are best practices for posting content in addition to forum submission guidelines?

    The are many stalwarts like Mohan Ji and other forum super stars who participate in forum discussions on regular basis both by raising new threads as well as by posting responses on threads raised by others. All the participants duly follow the forum submission guidelines of ISC.

    However, based on accumulated experience of various authors, let us discuss the best practices for posting contents in the forum section of ISC. Such a discussion is likely to add further value to our content and thus raise the level of forum section also.
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    There is nothing a big issue. As long as you have the knowledge to respond to the threads posted here by other members and you have the definite and apt replies for that, you can keep on contributing. But the problem comes when you raise a thread. It has some limitations. First of all the same subject should not be raised and for that one has to be regular and follow all the posts being circulated in the forum. And also be sure not to have the same responses already posted by the members. Think differently and have your own vision and responsibility while addressing the responses and that should be understandable, not confusing and at the same time acceptable.
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    As far as my knowledge goes using simple English, sticking to the subject of the thread and not repeating the same observations again and again may be a good practice in responding or creating a thread. If the thread created by the person is interesting to all, the responses will be more and good. It is better not to go for controversies and unhealthy debates. Discussions on the subject concerned without going out of the contest and without annoying the other members are the best on this thread forum. The forum threads raised should be having good scope for discussion and knowledge sharing. That will help the members to learn and get knowledge.
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    Good One.

    I have never received any criticism in context to my submission so far.

    I would request ME to also refer points & ideas to improve the participation.

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    Any contribution to the forum should be meaningful, educative, thought-provoking but has to be appropriate to all.
    The topic title and the content should be concise instead of a long rambling (narrations of fiction/poetry are different).
    Threads should be relevant and not just copy paste from another source.
    No room for threads that can be personal, have religious bias or questions communal harmony and national interests.
    In reports of an event or item, the source should be credible especially, if the story is still evolving.
    An attempt has to be made to have responses that are different instead of yes or no repetitions.
    Replies for the sake of filling up space and points should be kept to a minimum
    We need to explore newer topics like live-in relationships and taboo subjects of current world in a mature manner.

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