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    The founder of a news portal arrested for spreading fake news.

    Mr. Mahesh Vikram Hegde is the co-founder of the Postcard News portal. He tweeted a fake news about a Jain monk. Upadhyaya Mayank Sagar Ji Maharaj, a Jain monk was recently injured in a road accident. Mr. Hegde published a photo of the injured monk from the Jain news portal and tweeted that "Very sad news, yesterday in Karnataka Jain muni attacked by Muslim youth. No one is safe in Siddaramaiah's Karnataka." This was tweeted on 19-03-2018. The Cyber Crime Police arrested him on the charges of spreading the fake and communally sensitive news. Incidentally, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a twitter follower of Mr. Mahesh Vikram Hegde. Recently, the same news portal published a proverb attributing it falsely to Marcus Aurelius and supporting our Prime Minister with the help of it. Members, do not fall prey to the fake news portals which are spreading false news and try to create problems in the society. Use your judgment before coming to a conclusion in a scientific manner.
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    As far as I remember a thread was raised in this forum also about a quote of Marcus Aurelius in response to which few authors had raised the point if the same actually pertains to the author concerned or not.

    I have not gone through the news item mentioned by the author but I fully support the view that the journalists spreading fake news or rumours having potential of brewing hatred and communal tensions should be dealt with firmly in accordance with the law of the land.

    The news reminds us also that before posting any content of sensitive nature in this forum we must check and re-check to ensure its authenticity.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, I read about this and the comments of some state BJP members condemning the arrest. This is one more example of the misuse of social media to misled people and incites communal tensions. I'm sure we will get a follow-up news that the arrested person was paid by party X or Y.
    We can have our likes and dislikes but we should not use media to propagate false news that too of a Jain Monk and another religion. The timing of the arrest will be used by the opposition to say that it is a pre-election gimmick.

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    Already the election bugle has been sounded in Karnataka state and this is going to be acid test between Congress and BJP and the out come would be prelude to the general elections slated next year. So plans are afoot to blame each other even on small matters and both the parties are doing over time to kill each other politically. And the so called fake news is the handiwork in the direction to hoist false propaganda to garner votes. Nevertheless the law enforcing agencies must be alert and vigil and take immediate actions on such false news being circulated by the vested interests.
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    There is much continuous fake news in this news portal and time to time alert is also coming in other portals too regarding this, but still, they are continuing this activity without bothering about the consequences. I think they want negative popularity in this way.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    These days it is becoming to understand whether the news is correct or false. Many news in social media is not at all trustworthy. But if the news from journalists and media is also fake, means they are taking ride people to make their thinking wrong about the good people also. So one should not take certain news published by unknown papers or media. I think we should go by the news published in a standard paper or channel. In Telugu, Eenadu is a paper which gives correct news and Etv also reports correct news and unbiased news only. We should rely on such instruments only in finalising the authenticity of the news.
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    There are hundreds of examples of fake news spread by prominent mainstream media journalists, but in those cases, no action was taken by the Police. Let me give only one example:-

    Pallavi Ghosh of CNN News network had tweeted: "Shocking stories from UP : woman gang raped for eating beef !''. Instead of arresting the lady for spreading communally sensitive fake news, the UP Police only replied:"Your tweet seems fictional as we could not verify it from anywhere. Kindly let us know the details''.

    Needless to state, the lady journalist has not yet furnished the details. And the lady has not been arrested so far.

    I can quote at least ten examples of similar nature where fake news have been spread by prominent journalists to belittle majority community. But no demand has been raised to arrest those famous journalists.

    Most probably Mr. Hegde has learnt journalism from them.

    (I sincerely hope that this response won't be deleted.)

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    Nowadays many people are busy in tweeting, blogging, posting and writing various posts in internet. Some of them are doing it wisely by checking the credentials and then only posting or forwarding but there are many who are blindly forwarding or commenting.

    This action is an eye opener for such people and they must refrain from spreading fake news or rumour.

    We should use the social media or internet for authentic information exchange and not make it a playing place of rumour mongers.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think the intention of the author in raising this thread is to alert us, as members of an educational portal, to be cautious and not to help in spreading such fake news. All pieces of information shared in the social media need not be facts. Just keep that in mind.
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    The Government has brought a new regulation to cancel accreditation of journalists/reporters who circulate fake news in future. But instead of being happy, most of the liberal journalist are crying hoarse! Why, who knows!
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