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    The man took me to the early nineties

    Although yesterday and today are Gazetted Holidays, I have been attending office to complete the year-ending exercise. Today, when I got down from the car in front of our residence, I suddenly started feeling good. In the afternoon, the weather was pleasant. A cuckoo was cooing in a tree. A group of parakeets flew away. Small children were playing in the small ground. And a flute-seller was playing a beautiful tune.

    I didn't hear the tune earlier. It was very sweet - most probably a tune of the hills of Uttarakhand or Himachal. The young children stopped playing and surrounded the flute-seller. He again played the same tune and sold two flutes to the children.

    His tune took me back to 1990s. I went to a carnival (Mela) in Birbhum district of West Bengal. There were many attractions for the children in the carnival. But a flute-seller was standing in one corner of the big ground and playing a beautiful tune. Around ten children surrounded the flute-seller forgetting all other attractions of the carnival.

    Even small children understand the beauty of sweet tunes. They forget everything and stand mesmerized when they listen to melodious music. The singer or musician must have had the ability to attract them.
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    Children are attracted to the flute or the small banjo sellers singing favorite movie tunes. I remember pestering parents to buy me the wooden flute or the small banjo but unable to produce anything more than a whistling noise. Yes, it needs talent and practice.

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    Music enthralls, not only the adults but the babies of all age groups including the new born one. The babies start hearing sounds even when they are inside the womb of their mother. It is said that newborns can recognize music their parents played for them when they were in the womb and even perk up or fall asleep when they hear a familiar song.

    Regarding Indian flute 'bansuri', I never cease to appreciate the efforts put in by the flute making artisans who make the holes of desired diameters only maintaining correct inter-distance between two holes to produce the correct notes of music. It is noteworthy that the holes are not made by drilling etc. as it affects the music quality. Instead, hot metal rod skewers of different diameters are used to burn in the holes.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Initially we came to know that the author has finished his job of the year end & is happy.

    Although no alliteration being in use but it's still a well written topic. It's a fact that what we have inside is what we feel outside too. So is t he case here.

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    Music is divine. Music will get the attraction of all including small kids, animals and even that of a snake also. Music brings happiness to the mind. If a small kid is weeping, if the mother starts singing a song, the kid will stop crying and start hearing the song. If you have some worry inside and if you are not able to think properly, try to listen to music for a while, your worry will go and you will settle down and your brain start thinking positively.When we are at our younger age almost everyone wants to try a flute. Many times I have also purchased flute from the street vendor but I couldn't get the grip over that and I never seriously tried even. One of my relations is a very good player of flute and I like hearing his music. Whenever we to meet in any functions I always request him to try flute for some time and based on the time and occasion he responds positively.
    always confident

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