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    A lesson from the movie Tinker Bell

    Tinker Bell is a computer animated movie, that was released in 2008. The film brings out the life of Tinker Bell, a tinker fairy who lives with others fairies in Neverland. Tinker Bell is skilled at making tools and fixing things. One day, she get to know that, only nature fairies like water, air, light and animal fairies are eligible to go to Motherland(Earth). She started thinking that her tinker job is less important and tries to learn other nature skills, but she ended up messing up the things, that was ready to taken to Motherland to bring spring there.
    The Queen fairy visited the place and upset seeing the colossal damage that was happened. So, she ordered to delay the spring in Earth and requested the development team to repeat the preparation. Tinker bell, understanding her mistake came forward to solve the problem. She promised to get things done before the actual spring. Then Tinker bell with her natural skill, prepared tools and machines to prepare spring things like paint to flowers and animals, seeds to garden etc. She kept up with the promise and so the queen fairy ordered to bring spring to earth on time. Also, to the surprise of Tinker bell, she was allowed to fly to motherland for excelling in her job.

    Moral of the story: However the destination to success is same, the roads to success may vary from person to person. It purely depends upon their own skills and attitude. So, it is good to identify one's skill and try to excel in it, instead of wasting time on following others. More importantly, all are gifted with some talents and none should underestimate it.

    PS: Tinker Bell is a fictional character created by J. M. Barrie.
    Neverland is a fictional location created by J. M. Barrie.

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    Nice to see a animated computer movie character has been brought out to connect the tow topic and that was quite innovative and refreshing from other entries so far.
    K Mohan
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    Please try to be successful with your own skills and knowledge in the field of your liking without imitating or following others is the message understood from the post. The author has narrated the story well. A good post for the contest.
    always confident

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