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    Are you aware of the dangers of wearing skin-tight garments?

    The skin-tight garments may be cute and fashionable, but they can be a source of many health problems. Wearing heavy fabrics like denim can be particularly harmful as it impedes blood circulation and causes appearance of varicose veins.

    When the clothes are tightly fitted around waist or legs, our heart has to work harder to help the blood to return. Lack of return blood flow causes fatigue and makes the wearer feel tired. Also tight fitting clothes cause impediments in lungs to function well and breathe fully and properly which in turn causes stress, lack of concentration and expedites aging process. It may increase sweating, cause skin problems and slow digestion.

    Are you aware of the dangers of wearing skin-tight garments?

    Let us discuss for creating awareness about the subject matter.
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    The biggest disadvantage of skin tight dresses is that this doesn't make blood move freely within your veins. And because of this, that although they may be cute in look and in style, the truth is that tight clothing can be the source of a lot of health problems.

    This causes back pain which I have often felt till I started using flexible clothing. In another way this doesn't allow you to "breathe" to the fullest & also may lead to the sow digestion.

    In addition, any garments or clothing made of fabrics like nylon or lycra have been proved of even worse as they may become a breeding ground for all types of bacteria & germs resulting in bad odors in the underarm & in the genital areas may be due to tight clothing.

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    Skin tight clothes are not good for health and at the same time sometimes causes inconvenience also. You will not have good air circulation into the body and that will cause a lot of inconveniences. The sweat will not get quickly evaporated and will get stuck in the clothes and remain for a longer time. This will cause irritation and itching sensation. Some people will develop rashes also.
    It is always better to wear free fit clothes which will be more comfortable and flexible for a moment. Tight clothes are not suitable heat countries like India but may be good where the temperature goes very less.

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    Invariably it has been observed that skin tight garments lead to tightening of skin at the waist level and when the garment is removed ,one can see the stretch mark and the sweat that holds there, would lead to fungus infection to skin and thus turn red to black in due course. The irritation and itching sensation would be so horrible, one cannot tolerate unless and until costly skin ointments, powders are used. Skin doctors do suggest free size garments and never advise for tight robes. But it all depends on the people to decide on their own and their ability to afford for skin treatments later.
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